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Proton Center Never an Issue

March 30, 2011


by Steve Romanelli

The Proton Center was never an issue. It was never brought to us on the Plan Commission, or even discussed in any detail once the site was evaluated.

The hospital had to move fast as they were racing with NIU and the center that was going to be built in West Chicago. They would have had to get concessions from the county for flood plain issues, the train vibrations was a factor, and the site (3 acres or so) did not compare with what they built in Warrenville on 15 acres where they were able to also build a Cancer Center….all on a perfectly good site with easy access to the expressways, high visibility for customers, next to hotels for patients and family, ……..and right at the doorsteps of Edwards market area.

You and I can figure why they did it. It makes perfect business sense. From the tax standpoint, the buildings in Warrenville could have never been built in Winfield. They would have been much smaller to fit the site. The contents which is the machine itself would have never been part of the valuation and the medical services are not taxed as well. So the advantage would have been to have a building there, but only the building value at 1% would have come to the village. Not even close to Tim Allen’s  numbers. And CDH was not going to build it there.

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Did Winfield Say No to the Proton Center?

March 30, 2011


It sure is hard to run a positive campaign in Winfield.  Winfield United has done it’s best to remind voters of the accomplishments of our current Village Board, and to point out the endorsements from respected individuals.   We favor emphasising the positive direction the Winfield is headed in rather than highlighting the shortcomings of the opposition.

Being blind-sided by the ridiculous charge that “Winfield said No” to the CDH Proton Center, which was subsequently built in Warrenville, sets a new low politics.  The very piece of paper it is printed on asks people to suspend all disbelief and swallow a heavy dose of illogical nonsense.

First, voters need to consider the source of this charge, Tim Allen, and the late-date at which he has chosen to make it.  The League of Women Voters/Winfield Junior Women’s Candidate’s Night Forum was held a week ago.  There was a full auditorium of guests and the press was there.  If the charge was credible, that seems like the perfect time to mention it.

To build the CDH Proton Center in Winfield Town Center would have required placing  it in an unstable  flood plain.  For this reason alone the idea never was seriously considered.  It was never presented to the Village.

Knowing what the Japanese have recently learned about water and nuclear material, flooding issues make the matter seem too ridiculous to consider.

Instead, what we have here is another example of the kind of “bull in the china shop” leadership Tim Allen will likely bring to Village Hall.  It is a display of seriously poor judgment to turn CDH’s Proton Center into a last-minute “hit piece”.

On April 5th Vote for Positive Vision, Positive Action and Responsible Leadership.

Vote for Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson and James Hughes

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CDH & the Proton Imaging Center

March 30, 2011


Taken directly from the minutes of the February 7, 2008 Village Board meeting:
“Jim Spear, the executive Vice President of Central Dupage Hospital, stated that CDH is relocating the proton center to Cantera in Warrenville. He stated that because the original site was on a flood plan in Winfield and because Cantera is located off the toll way it is a good location for outpatient business.”
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Consider the Source

March 30, 2011


Well folks, it is less than a week from April 5th, election day.  Those of us at Winfield United ask you to come to the polls to vote for Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, and Jim Hughes.  Winfield United supports for election the people who will best serve Winfield.    We are a group of concerned grass-roots citizens who are willing to do the work to campaign and organize an election.

In the next few days you will be getting mailings from Tim Allen & Tony Reyes, they may try to distance themselves from each other but a glance at Winfield 411 or at their blue yard signs will tell you that they are indeed working together.  They are poised to say very nasty, bitter things about the current Birutis administration, about Winfield United and the candidates we are endorsing.     The things they write are not true but gross distortions of the truth.  The newest piece is about the proton imaging center that CDH built in Warrenville.  Tim & Tony are making outlandish claims that the Rudy Czech administration turned down the proton center and thousands of dollars of revenue.  It is pure hogwash.  The truth is that the size of the property is too small, there was concern about the safety of a proton imaging facility on a floodplain and with other medical care centers vying for the proton center, CDH didn’t have the time to acquire the property and obtain the proper approvals in Winfield.   But to hear Tim Allen tell it the village government threw away a gold mine.  Nonsense, political nonsense by a group of people who oppose anything and everything that comes from village hall.

Again, we ask you to VOTE April 5th for Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, & Jim Hughes.

Karen Skillman,   Winfield United Political Committee

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Their Plan is No Plan at All

March 30, 2011


                April 5, 2011 election archive

                 THEIR PLAN IS NO PLAN AT ALL


For over a year a pair of candidates has been talking about rezoning a portion of Roosevelt Road from residential to commercial.  They claim that, even though much of the area is without public water and sewer, it is “our most promising retail corridor.”

 Before we step into the voting booth let’s examine this.

 First, the claims of the two candidates are less a plan and more a series of implied “what ifs”.  What if we commercialized the area, and what if a major retailer or commercial developer got involved?  What if after clearing the area and supplying commercial-grade infrastructure, dealing with issues relating to security, traffic, wetland and storm water run off, etc., what if a successful venture could be established?  Finally, the cherry placed on top of the sundae is what if the new Roosevelt businesses generated enough taxes to repair our roads without requiring further tax on Winfield residents.  That’s a lot of “what if’s”. 

Keep in mind, the only part of Roosevelt Road that the two candidates can concern themselves with is the 2/10ths of a mile stretch between Winfield Rd and Wynwood Rd.; everything west is unincorporated DuPage County and it lacks water and sewer, too.  Whatever is to be built must be built within the Village limits.

The goal of this “plan” is to generate enough tax money to pay for maintenance of Winfield’s roads without further burdening taxpayers.  Last fall; this same pair of candidates worked in opposition to the Road Repair Referendums.  They circulated a flier urging voters to reject the referendums and keep “the pressure” on for development.  Their argument at that time was that potential Roosevelt business revenue would make the modest $17.50 average per-month tax increase unnecessary.  Here’s a prediction: before long that $17.50 will look like a bargain.

A program of regular 20-year resurfacing is estimated to cost $700,000 a year.

But…the Village’s share of the sales tax is only 1%.  In order to receive the $700 thousand from Roosevelt businesses they would need annual gross sales of $70 million dollars.

Have the “two candidates” thought about what they are promising?  Maybe.  One of them in a mailer admitted there are “legitimate concerns.  In time these questions will be sorted out.”  In time?  The time to sort them out is now, not sometime later after this bus has pulled out of the station.  That’s what plans are for.

Any reasonable development plan will include a detailed business plan.  Legitimate lending institutions will require it.  Under the circumstances – the persistent weak economy, the reluctance of consumers to take on more debt, the glut of available commercial property nearby, and the fact that the Roosevelt area is home to dozens of families – the likelihood of any significant success is slim.

 In their February 27th edition, The Wall Street Journal  published results of a marketing study that showed that on-line shopping will increase by 10% per year through 2015.  Have the “two candidates” consulted any professional research at all, or are they making it up as they go along?   It is inconceivable they would launch this project only to offer the Village another strip mall to fill.

 Some may be tempted to say “even if they are only partially successful, that would help.”  But, the two candidates are not promising partial success.  Last fall they were promising enough revenue to fix the roads, which equals $70 million in gross sales.  This spring they are promising “No New Taxes” and “sustainable revenue” which, they tell us, we must have in order to prevent the Village from “falling apart”.  That’s a pretty tall order without much to back it up. 

A better “plan” would consider Roosevelt Road as one option among several potential commercial areas.  It would consider future retail trends, the effect of E-commerce, the potential for resident displacement and all the problems that may entail.  And, here’s a question: Why the big push to build on Roosevelt when water and sewer already exist elsewhere?

Right now we have a very livable town, with many enviable features.  A better plan would consider Winfield as a whole.  It would consider who we are and how we can enhance our position as a marketable residential community in the Far Western Suburbs.  We should elect Trustees who will craft a business plan custom-tailored to the unique nature of Winfield; one that specifies that we build responsibly.

The fact is “their plan” is not a plan at all, but an excuse for hodge-podge development that will benefit a handful of land-flippers, change a beautiful area of the Village and provide weak economic value. 

In order to improve the Village we need Trustees who are able to see Winfield in its entirety, and who are willing to do the work of representing the interests of all residents.  We have three candidates who fit that description.   You’ll find them listed as the top three on your ballot.

On April 5th Vote for

Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, and James Hughes

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March 29, 2011


Zoning is a very interesting thing.  Some communities use zoning to maintain a neighborhood, some communities use zoning to change a neighborhood.  Many years ago, communities decided to let the government officials regulate things related to building and thus our zoning codes evolved.   

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of zoning.   Please read and keep in mind some of the issues facing Winfield

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