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Since the inception of Winfield United for a Better Community, nearly 7 years ago, our group, its directors, and the village officials we have endorsed have faced continuous attacks from a variety of sources, mostly keeping anonymous. It goes beyond any sense of difference of opinion, and crosses the line from a personal standpoint, as well as professionally. Those who work hard to serve our community have been viciously maligned, when they should be shown our appreciation for their time and efforts. The motives behind the smear campaign remain largely unknown, though it is not hard to make the connection to those who felt that their power was taken from them. That was never our goal, but rather the outcome of people getting involved who demand that village business should be conducted openly and fairly for everyone.

As an organization, we continue to grow in numbers and stature within the community. Our community projects have affected nearly every corner of Winfield. Our campaigns to support open and honest government have been successful, and we have a functioning village board that shows respect for each other as well as respect for the opinions of residents. This was our main goal to achieve civically, as well as encouraging all residents to get involved in their community in any form or fashion. The strongest communities have the strongest participation from their residents. It is our home, so we should all do our best to make it a welcome place for all.

We have our newest website, Positive on Winfield, as a place where people can read and share all the positive things we have to be thankful for in our community. While others may choose to spread negative misinformation designed to detract from those who work hard for our village, our message is to celebrate Winfield, and those who seek to make it a better place for all of us.

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Positive on Winfield is a blog with articles on local issues, local events, and local interests in Winfield, IL. Positive on Winfield is the blog website of the local civic action group, Winfield United for a Better Community.

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