More on Winfield’s Pinocchio

by Rock & Vivian Rockett

As residents of Winfield for the past 10 years, my husband and I are active citizens and favor open government-run by fair-minded, elected officials. Recently, we’ve been concerned about what we hear from one of the Village Trustee candidates, Tim Allen.

Tim Allen wrote in his blog that people who live in unincorporated areas should not have a say in development plans for their area because they do not pay Winfield taxes. That’s false! Those families pay taxes for our schools, park district and fire district. And sales tax to the Village. Records can be obtained from the township assessor’s office.

Tim Allen told residents that 7 acres of office buildings on the corner of Roosevelt and Winfield could generate $75,000 in tax revenues for the village which could be used for roads. WRONG AGAIN. The village receives merely 3% of the property tax revenue collected. That would mean a total property tax bill of $2,500,000 annually! And that’s absurd.

Tim Allen wrote that the current administration would never seek a border agreement with West Chicago. That’s a LIE. Village President Birutis asked for and received a border agreement from West Chicago. The reality is that the agreement is not acceptable and is being negotiated. Please contact Village Hall for a copy.

Tim Allen wrote that when politicians choose to allow an asset like Roosevelt road lay fallow, it means that residents pay more in real estate taxes. That’s also FALSE.  New construction and annexations have no effect on the property tax rate. Contact Village Hall for further information.

Do you really want someone like this on Winfield’s Village Board? I DON’T! Please join me in supporting Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson and Jim Hughes for Village Trustee positions.

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