Choose Wisely

by Steve Romanelli   

Winfield United for a Better Community was founded in August of 2004. Our members are actively involved in every corner of Winfield, serving on boards and commissions, working on community projects, functioning with other fine organizations, and doing their best to make our village a better place for all of us. We encourage others to join us and to serve Winfield every day of every year, not just at election time. The people of Winfield, who we call our friends and neighbors, make this such a special place to live. Add the surrounding Forest Preserves, public transportation, excellent schools, and a world-class medical facility; it is easy to see why the village is such a desirable place to live.

One of the distinctions that set aside Winfield United as an organization is our commitment to serving the village in various ways through our 3 teams, Community Projects, Communication and Civic Involvement. Our not for profit corporation has always been organized as a 501 (C) (4) which allows for us to support and endorse political candidates. It is not our primary focus but certainly one that gains the attention of those who disagree with our endorsements. We have always supported open and honest government and will continue to do so. We offer an interview to every candidate who chooses to run for office. After an extensive interview process, our team then presents those candidates to our membership for their approval. In the last several elections, voters have also agreed with our selections.

While it is always positive to have a choice of candidates, voters will still need to make a decision when there are more candidates than position. Elections are critical decisions that should not be taken lightly. Not all candidates are equally qualified or present themselves in a manner which may be suitable to working together on a functioning team, which is how our village board is structured. Special attention should be given to what candidates say, write, and how they conduct themselves in their attempts to earn your vote. Check the facts; ask the questions that will require details to promises, watch how they treat each other, how they treat elected officials, and the degree of respect and professionalism that is conveyed. There is plenty of opportunity to gather the information so you can make an educated choice for who will serve you best as an elected official.

For some reason, our small community has become inflamed with animosity that support false attacks on village officials, and other fine residents who choose to serve our community. Winfield United has often been the brunt for these baseless attacks simply because we have supported candidates that the voters also overwhelmingly supported. These unfounded attacks have been personal in nature and have no place in our community. People can have a difference in opinions, but should be respectful and accountable for their actions. Anonymous websites and anonymous posts have zero validity in our opinion because they have no ability to be challenged. Our organization, Winfield United for a Better Community is performing a service to our members and in many cases residents who look to us for information about our village. We are not on the ballot, but support some of those who are. Allowing people to be attacked in such a wanton manner not only is morally wrong, but also may discourage good people with good ideas from getting involved. That would be tragic for any community.

In this election, we are endorsing 3 candidates who have demonstrated their character through their actions. They are involved in the community and have been so not just to get elected, but because they desire to serve Winfield in positive ways. They each have separate skills, differing personalities, but a united vision to work together in ways that will continue to move our village toward a brighter future.

Glenn VadeBonCoeur      Cliff Mortenson     James Hughes

We hope that as you gather more information about these candidates that you will share our support for them to serve as Village Trustees and give them your vote of confidence on April 5.

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