Reyes is Also a Pinocchio

by Village President Deborah Birutis

After reading the most recent edition of the Winfield Post I am compelled to correct several misleading statements from Tony Reyes, a candidate for village trustee.

Tony Reyes falsely claims that the village has spent excess cash reserves on our automatic meter reading system, claiming that it has a 50-70 year payback. That is false. The AMR system has allowed the village to capture hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual water revenue that was previously lost due to antiquated reading techniques and equipment. The true payback period is closer to 6-7 years.

Reyes also claimed that the village spent $140K of TIF funds inappropriately. Again, this is false. A $140K transfer was made from our TIF fund – a transfer to reimburse the general facilities and equipment fund, for the down payment on the Winfield Salon property – a key piece of property for the new underpass and potential parking garage. This was clearly an allowable use of TIF funds, and was approved by both our lawyers and auditors.

Reyes next claims that the board has under staffed our police department while over-staffing administration. Another false statement. The facts are that we have 20 people in our police department now – which is exactly what we had 10 years ago. During this time, the village’s administration staff has declined from 6 to 5 people. In 2000, the total headcount in all departments was 45. In 2011, we currently have 41 employees. For verification please contact Village Hall.

I certainly did not expect that presenting Winfield in an accurate and positive manner would be a difficult task. People who spread lies on blogs or in articles to the local papers and spit out mean comments are not only hurting that individual or group, but are also hurting Winfield as a whole.

Reprinted from the Winfield Post with permission of the author.

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