My Home Near Roosevelt Road

by Terry Cooper

I live on Winfield Rd, near Roosevelt. I am writing because, one way or another, my house will be directly affected by rezoning my neighborhood commercial. And because it is my house I have an interest in the matter.

Today I was on Geneva Rd. at Pleasant Hill, by the CVS drug store. Not counting CVS there are three relatively new strip malls on those corners.

For those who may have forgotten a compatriot of Tim Allen’s supporters, a former Trustee, had a financial interest in this some of the land in that area. Through the village board at that time he received variances that enabled him to build. As a result, this Trustee made money. But, now of about 10 store fronts, only four of them have businesses in them, the rest are vacant. The strip mall across the street is worse. It is entirely vacant.

I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t Mr. Allen try to fill those storefronts first, before he tries to build more storefronts in my neighborhood? That would be the logical thing to do. But we know he won’t.

So, dear voters don’t let the developers or their candidates bulldoze a beautiful part of Winfield for an empty promise. The only thing Green about them is the money.

Please vote for VadeBonCoeur, Mortenson and Hughes. They have the interests of the Village in mind.

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