Did Winfield Say No to the Proton Center?

It sure is hard to run a positive campaign in Winfield.  Winfield United has done it’s best to remind voters of the accomplishments of our current Village Board, and to point out the endorsements from respected individuals.   We favor emphasising the positive direction the Winfield is headed in rather than highlighting the shortcomings of the opposition.

Being blind-sided by the ridiculous charge that “Winfield said No” to the CDH Proton Center, which was subsequently built in Warrenville, sets a new low politics.  The very piece of paper it is printed on asks people to suspend all disbelief and swallow a heavy dose of illogical nonsense.

First, voters need to consider the source of this charge, Tim Allen, and the late-date at which he has chosen to make it.  The League of Women Voters/Winfield Junior Women’s Candidate’s Night Forum was held a week ago.  There was a full auditorium of guests and the press was there.  If the charge was credible, that seems like the perfect time to mention it.

To build the CDH Proton Center in Winfield Town Center would have required placing  it in an unstable  flood plain.  For this reason alone the idea never was seriously considered.  It was never presented to the Village.

Knowing what the Japanese have recently learned about water and nuclear material, flooding issues make the matter seem too ridiculous to consider.

Instead, what we have here is another example of the kind of “bull in the china shop” leadership Tim Allen will likely bring to Village Hall.  It is a display of seriously poor judgment to turn CDH’s Proton Center into a last-minute “hit piece”.

On April 5th Vote for Positive Vision, Positive Action and Responsible Leadership.

Vote for Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson and James Hughes


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