Proton Center Never an Issue

March 30, 2011

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by Steve Romanelli

The Proton Center was never an issue. It was never brought to us on the Plan Commission, or even discussed in any detail once the site was evaluated.

The hospital had to move fast as they were racing with NIU and the center that was going to be built in West Chicago. They would have had to get concessions from the county for flood plain issues, the train vibrations was a factor, and the site (3 acres or so) did not compare with what they built in Warrenville on 15 acres where they were able to also build a Cancer Center….all on a perfectly good site with easy access to the expressways, high visibility for customers, next to hotels for patients and family, ……..and right at the doorsteps of Edwards market area.

You and I can figure why they did it. It makes perfect business sense. From the tax standpoint, the buildings in Warrenville could have never been built in Winfield. They would have been much smaller to fit the site. The contents which is the machine itself would have never been part of the valuation and the medical services are not taxed as well. So the advantage would have been to have a building there, but only the building value at 1% would have come to the village. Not even close to Tim Allen’s  numbers. And CDH was not going to build it there.


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