Solicitor Complaints–Winfield



Date: June 01, 2011

Contact: Acting Police Chief Stacy Reever

On Friday, May 27, 2011, The Winfield Police Department received five separate calls for service reference solicitor complaints.  The solicitor is described as a female white, early to mid-twenties, curly brown/auburn hair and was selling children’s books, door-to-door. In all the instances, the female solicitor requested to use the washroom and all the resident’s allowed this female access to the inside of their residence. The solicitor allegedly committed acts of thefts or attempts, while inside the residences.   The female was also seen entering a dark red van, which was occupied by additional males.

ALL RESIDENTS are being reminded to never allow a solicitor to enter their residence under any circumstance. Additionally, a solicitor must have a permit displayed on their outer garment, while in the course of soliciting.

Residents are urged to call 911 at any time to request a police officer respond to their residence for any soliciting violation; or if they feel uncomfortable with the actions of a solicitor.

Winfield Police will continue further investigation.

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The Village of Winfield, IL


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