Winfield Billage Board Meeting Agenda June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

Village Government

Below Please find the agenda for the village meeting;  Highlights include the Riverwalk, Ethic ordinance,  Budget amendments.





1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Correspondence

A. Letter from a Batavia resident thanking the Village of Winfield’s Police Department for their professional assistance rendered following a blowout of her car tire.

5. Audience Participation

The opportunity to speak to the Village Board is provided for those who have a question or comment on an agenda item or Village of Winfield issue that will stimulate thought so as to make the Village Board deliberations more productive and meaningful. The Village Board appreciates hearing from our residents and your thoughts and questions are valued. The Village Board strives to make the best decisions for the Village and public input is very helpful.

Respect for the duties of the Village Board and for the democratic process will be adhered to – in this regard, civility and a sense of decorum will be strictly followed. All speakers must address their comments to the Board. Comments that are personally condescending will not be permitted. Therefore, speakers shall be courteous and should not make statements that are personally disrespectful to members of the Village Board.

Please use the microphone when speaking as the proceedings are being videotaped. Please state your name and address before commenting – all comments under Audience Participation are limited to five (5) minutes and each citizen will only be permitted to speak once.

6. Consent Agenda

A. Motion approving meeting minutes from the Regular Village Board Meeting and Committee of the Whole held June 2, 2011.

B. Motion approving payment of bills for June 16, 2011.

C. Motion approving the Annual Prevailing Wage Ordinance.

As required by state law, each June the Village adopts the updated Illinois prevailing wage scale contractors must pay for labor on public works contract.

D. Motion approving a temporary use permit and waiving applicable sections of the Village Code to allow the 28th annual Winfield Historical Society Run along various streets in Winfield on Saturday, July 17.

Non-Consent Agenda (Items 7-8)

7. Motion to approve a contingent fee professional services agreement between the Village of Winfield and Azavar Audit Solutions, Inc. of Chicago, IL to audit municipal revenues.

Finance Director Nadine Alletto will be prepared to present information on the proposed audit of Village revenues to identify any billing errors made by telecommunication or utility companies, sales tax revenue inaccuracies, or mistakes made on franchise fee payments due to the Village. Azavar works on a contingency fee basis, receiving a portion of any recovered revenues. Azavar has successfully completed similar audits for several municipalities in the area and offers the lowest rate of firms researched by staff.

This proposal was unanimously recommended by the Administration and Finance Committee and reviewed by the Village Board at their June 2 Committee of the Whole.

8. Ordinance amending the annual budget for the Village of Winfield for the fiscal year commencing May 1, 2011 and ending April 30, 2012 for the purpose of appropriating additional funds for street improvements.

Finance Director Nadine Alletto will be prepared to present information on a proposed amendment reallocating to the current budget dollars earmarked for road funding in future years. The $345,000 amendment would result in $645,000 available for roadwork.

9. Village Trustee Reports of Boards and Commissions

A. Winfield School District 34 – Reyes

B. Administration & Finance – Bajor

C. Winfield Park District – Bajor

D. Communication & Technology – Hughes

E. Riverwalk & Bikeways – Hughes

F. Economic Development Task Force- Hughes

G. Winfield Fire Protection District – Hughes

H. Winfield Public Library – Hughes

I. Environmental Concerns – Spande

J. Stormwater – Spande

K. Public Works – Spande

L. Traffic & Public Safety – Allen

M. Winfield Chamber of Commerce – Allen

N. Planning – Olson

O. Zoning – Olson

P. Community Consolidated School District 200 – Olson

10. Other Village Officials’ Reports and Comments

A. Village President

B. Village Attorney

C. Village Clerk

D. Village Manager

E. Village Treasurer – Treasurer’s report for May

11. Pending Future Business

• Road banner policy

• Home occupations code update

• Zoning amendments on bulk regulations

• Review of Village boundary agreements

• Rules for temporary tents

• Districting

12. Adjournment


1. Riverwalk engineering and intergovernmental agreement with the Forest Preserve District

2. Ethics ordinance updates

3. Review annual budget amendment ordinance

4. Requests for future Committee of the Whole items

5. Public comments

6. Village Board comments

7. Adjourn to executive session for purposes of discussing pending litigation, personnel, and review of previous executive session minutes

Revised June 14, 2011


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