Higher Standards at Winfield Village Hall

July 6, 2011

Village Government

Letter to the Editor submitted by Winfield United board member:


To: Editor of Winfield Post

Thank you for continuing your newspaper’s coverage of Village board meetings.  The reporter, Barry Dredze, successfully summarized and synthesized the discussions that occurred during the Village board meeting on May 5, 2011.  The Board’s discussions about ethics especially interested me, particularly Trustee Reyes’ observations concerning elected officials’ “rights.”

Trustee Reyes is wrong to believe that elected officials have the same 1st Amendment, “freedom of speech” rights as Village residents and voters.  Elected officials are held to higher standards, and all elected officials–whether federal, state, or local representatives–are held to higher standards than non-elected Village residents or members-of-the-public.  To make my point, just look at former Congressman Weiner who was forced to resign his elected position after he used his so-called free speech rights to communicate with his “Facebook friends.”

In addition, the Board’s discussions relative to ethics and communications with developers were very disappointing.  Our Trustees are wrong to believe that we “trust” them to advance the Village’s goals for growth and development via private, unauthorized, and secret communications.  Today, we live in an era of full disclosure, and with this principle, there is no room for “private discussions.”

Again, thank you for the excellent reporting.  We appreciate your efforts and abilities to keep us informed.

Yours truly,

Rhonda Peebles

WUBC Board Member

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