Trustee Spande August 2011 Letter to the Winfield Post

August 26, 2011

Village Government, Winfield 411

Winfield Post Letter to the Editor Response: Errors and Attacks on the Winfield Riverwalk

Trustee Allen made numerous errors in his August 11th Letter to the Editor regarding Winfield road funding. The letter used words such as ‘children’ and ‘irresponsible’ to insult his fellow Trustees and then noted that he and select Trustees were the ‘adults’ on the Board (another put down). He went on to call the Winfield Riverwalk project ‘candy’.

The errors and mischaracterizations, however, drew my attention.

First, the Riverwalk project is one of the most significant opportunities the Village has had in decades. It has the potential of reshaping our Town Center, giving developers a reason to consider our Village for investment. The Riverwalk will also be a draw for those who may see Winfield as a potential home, increasing housing values. Calling this project ‘candy’ is not justified.

Second, the Riverwalk engineering and architectural contracts have a net cost to the Village of $48K, not the $208K stated by Trustee Allen. The cost will be eventually offset by the CDH matching grant of $80K and $80K from the Advocates of the Winfield Riverwalk non-profit. The remaining $48K will come from impact fees, which cannot be directly spent on roads. Perhaps Trustee Allen forgot these tiny details?

Third, Trustee Allen incorrectly identified the ‘adults’ in his letter. Trustee Olson (one of the ‘adults’) voted for the Riverwalk ‘candy’ contract – the vote was 4-2 (with Trustees Reyes and Allen voting against). Furthermore, Trustee Olson voted against Trustee Allen’s amendment to allocate $208K in Red Light funds to roads, noting correctly that these Red Light funds were already allocated in last year’s budget. Of course, adults realize you can’t spend the same dollar twice.

Trustee Allen’s letter to the editor was insulting and laced with errors. The purpose of the insults was clear enough. As to the errors and mischaracterizations, it is up the public to judge whether they were intentional or just plain sloppy.

Erik Spande/Winfield Trustee

(letter reprinted with permission)

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