Village Board Meeting Notes – August 18, 2011

September 7, 2011

Village Government





1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

7pm All board members & staff present

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Correspondence

A. Presentation of the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists “Pride Award” to the Winfield Police Department for posting the state’s largest percentage increase in DUI arrests over the past year. Mr. David Perozzi will present on behalf of the AAIM.

Item postponed

5. Audience Participation

Mary Lee Geraghty, Prairie Path Bike shop owner and Winfield Chamber of Commerce president thanked the village for it’s participation in the Criterium bike race. She quoted a few out of town riders who praised Winfield for the great bike race.

Rich Bysina of the Chamber of Commerce asked the village to once again waive the $400 annual permit cost for the carnival. Good Old Days profits decline every year and the Chamber needs the assistance.

The president of the Klein Creek Townhomes Homeowners Association asked questions about Septran and the proposal to install two 2500 gallon fuel tanks at their location near the townhomes.

Two residents from Beecher St expressed concern over the rezoning of her street into the TIF district. They did not want the village to rezone without a plan for development. And they stated that there are other more suitable areas in the Town Center for development.

A resident praised the decision to hire Stacy Reever as Police department chief. The move is good for Winfield.

6. Consent Agenda

President Birutis asked if the trustees wanted to vote on anything separately, hearing no response she called for a vote. Trustee Reyes then decided he wanted to remove item D, to be voted separately. Again he challenged the way the consent agenda is handled, he argued Roberts Rules of Order with President Birutis. He then moved that all audio tapes over 18 months old be destroyed; he says that it is consistent with Illinois state statute.

A. Motion approving meeting minutes from the Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting held August 4, 2011.

B. Motion approving payment of bills for August 18, 2011.

C. Motion approving a resolution authorizing a mutual release between the Village and Wheaton Society for Christian Instruction.

This action resolves payment to the Village of water connection charges for the Wheaton Christian Grammar School in the amount of $18,5

(NOTE: this amount was previously to be $43,500.00. Trustees Reyes and Allen wanted the school to not pay for hookup.)

D. Motion approving and releasing meeting minutes from executive session meetings held by the Village Board on the following dates in 2000: July 6, September 7, and October 5; 2006 dates: June 1, November 16, and December 7; 2009 dates: March 19 and May 21. Corresponding audio tapes of those meetings will also be destroyed in accordance with state law.

Item passed unanimously.

E. Motion approving a temporary use permit and waiving applicable sections of the Village Code associated with the Winfield’s 2011Good Old Days, coordinated by the Winfield Chamber of Commerce and scheduled to be held September 8-11.

F. Motion approving a carnival permit for Fantasy Amusement Company of Arlington Heights for Winfield’s 2011 Good Old Days, and waiving the applicable permit fee.

G. Motion approving a development agreement for the construction of a temporary municipal parking lot.

This action approves construction at CDH’s expense of a temporary overflow parking lot for public use on High Lake Road just west of the fire station. The lot will be located on property the Village previously obtained easement rights to from CDH, and provides an additional 45 parking spaces expected to help remedy anticipated parking shortages around Town Center I businesses beginning later this summer when CDH starts a large-scale training program in their second story offices at located there. Training classes are expected to last more than a year, and accordingly the temporary lot will be permitted for a minimum of two years, with CDH also agreeing to remove the lot and fully restore the property. Additionally, CDH has offered as part of the project to install an asphalt pathway connecting the fire station lot with the sidewalk to Shelburne Crossing.

H . Motion approving the following appointment recommended by the Village President:

Zoning Board of Appeals

• Dennis Moffat for a 4-year term

• William Rose for a 5-year term

• Thomas Szafranski for a 1-year term

• John Taylor for a 4-year term

Items passed unanimously.

Non-Consent Agenda

7. Motion to approve the appointment of Stacy Reever as Policed Chief for the Village of Winfield.

The Village Clerk administered the oath of office to Police Chief Reever.

Motion passed unanimously, with Trustees Bajor, Spande, Hughes and Olson praising Mrs. Reever’s work as acting Deputy Chief. Chief Reever was chosen after a search that included about 100 candidates.

8. Motion to approve a contract for street improvements with R.W. Dunteman Company of Addison, IL in the not-to-exceed amount of $543,403.

Village Engineer Dan Watson will be prepared to present information on the proposed street repair contract for work on East, Glen Eagles, Oakwood, Sunnyside, Waterford, and patching on Carrel, Ethel and National. Dunteman submitted the lowest of eight bids and has previously performed satisfactory work for the Village.

(NOTE: The money for this repair comes from 2011-12 & 2012-13 budgets in an effort, led by Trustees Allen and Reyes to pave more streets sooner. This action will leave 2012-13 unfunded for road repair.)

Motion passed unanimously.

9. Village Trustee Reports of Boards and Commissions

A. Winfield School District 34 – Reyes

No report for District 34. (NOTE: The Winfield Post reported that Mr. Reyes did not attend the last school board meeting and hasn’t attended since he was elected trustee.) Trustee Reyes reported that District 94 has questions about expanding the TIF district.

B. Administration & Finance – Bajor

No report

C. Winfield Park District – Bajor

No report

D. Communication & Technology – Hughes

Next meeting 9/14/11 7pm to discuss franchise with Comcast video department and public government access.

E. Riverwalk & Bikeways – Hughes

Next meeting 8/27/11 7pm. Advocates will be at Good Old Days and had a booth at the bike race. CDH is matching funds up to $80,000. Trustee Reyes will help organize an Oktoberfest fundraiser.

F. Economic Development Task Force- Hughes

Work is being done on the Winfield website for economic development. Trustee Hughes took this time to criticize Trustee Allen for the article on his political blog as “misleading and full of lies” about economic development. Trustee Hughes wanted to point out that Trustee Allen voted against helping Giannarios and the Winfield Flower Shop secure TIF funds, yet criticizes the village for not being business friendly. Hughes also stated that Allen advocated the raising of taxes to the fullest without going to referendum just a few months after running a no new taxes political campaign. Trustee Allen retorted “I do not have a clue what Jim Hughes is talking about” then proceeded to list accomplishments from meeting especially the rezoning of Winfield and Roosevelt Roads. (NOTE: Allen advocates the rezoning at Roosevelt Rd but did not take a consistent view when the question of rezoning is Beecher St.)

Trustee Allen stopped the meeting to make a motion to change the economic task force to cover all parts of the village not just the Town Center. Much discussion regarding the appropriateness of such a motion. The village attorney said the move had the potential to violate the open meetings act since the change was not a published agenda item. Allen again invoked Robert’s Rules of Order trying to make a “resolution” rather then properly amend the ordinance. The amendment failed.

G. Winfield Fire Protection District – Hughes

District discussion about relocating fire station for reasons pertaining to the active train line.

H. Winfield Public Library – Hughes

Next meeting 9/14/11 7:30pm

I. Environmental Concerns – Spande

A 2011 grant may be available to help with the costs of the Emerald Ash Borer survey and to help Winfield become a Tree City town.

J. Stormwater – Spande

Trustees Spande and Reyes have had good contact with the county and Commissioner Zay. Next meeting is 8/24/11; Spande encouraged residents to come to the committee with issues.

K. Public Works – Spande

Recent brainstorming about the emerald ash borer. Work on a real road plan as many other communities have but Winfield has never had a long term road repair plan

L. Traffic & Public Safety – Allen

No report

M. Winfield Chamber of Commerce – Allen

No report

N. Planning – Olson

Plan Commission conducted a public hearing on Septran’s request to install two 2500 gasoline tanks on their property. The village was made aware of their request as part of the pre-annexation agreement with Septran in 2009. There are several items on tonight’s agenda that have had a public hearing at the Plan Commission. (NOTE: the meetings have been going long without the board completing the agenda.) The items mentioned by Trustee Olson have been on the agenda for the past few meetings.

O. Zoning – Olson

No report, no scheduled meetings.

P. Community Consolidated School District 200 – Olson

No report

9. Other Village Officials’ Reports and Comments

A. Village President

Cort Airhart again reported that Winfield leads the area in single family home sales; Winfield is in the top 25 according to Coldwell Banker stats.

B. Village Attorney

No report

C. Village Clerk

No report

D. Village Manager

Pointed out that schools will be opening soon.

E. Village Treasurer – Treasurer’s Report for July

Police pension funding continues to be a challenge for the village. The village is right on target for funding as required by state law. The village has $5,405,112.00 in available cash and investment.

10. Pending Future Business

• Zoning amendments on bulk regulations

• Rules for temporary tents

• Districting

11. Adjournment

8:20 pm


1. Consider Plan Commission recommendation on Septran request for outdoor fuel tanks

The Plan Commission voted unanimously to approve at the August meeting. A few residents expressed concern over the fire hazard of outdoor fuel tanks. The pro/cons of above ground tanks were discussed. Board did not reach an agreement and will refer this back to the committee of the whole pending further fire safety information. Staff reported that all appropriate state and county agencies have signed off on the safety of this project. It was learned at the plan commission public hearing that Septran will be required to fortify, stabilize and secure the tanks. At the public hearing no one came to object and 1 resident came to support Septran. Trustee Reyes asked why would Winfield want such a business, if it has no benefit then it should not be allowed. Other trustees saw this as creating a good business climate but were concerned about safety.

2. Review Economic Development Taskforce draft policy on use of TIF incentives

Village invited residents of Beecher St to visit the task force meeting. Suggested plan is to rezone Town Center, which is currently zoned R1 and Town Center, to Town Center. The merit of changing zoning before having a solid plan was discussed. Trustee Olson believes the zoning change will enhance property values in the area. Trustee Allen was concerned about the value of the property owners. Trustee Reyes asked to hear from the residents. (NOTE: Reyes & Allen have shown no regard for the resident’s property values of those who live along Roosevelt and Winfield Rd when they advocate rezoning that area to commercial.) Several residents appeared to express their concern; they did not favor the change to Town Center. Their concerns were about property values, flooding, and congestion near the school, and other parts of town that could be developed first. This topic has been raised for years and it has never been popular with the residents. Questions were raised whether the area really qualifies as TIF. The village still has to work out an agreement with the Winfield Fuel and Material owners regarding funds for improvements.

3. Review Economic Development Taskforce recommendations for Town Center II

Discussion for both this item and #2 were combined into the above discussion. Nothing was resolved. The discussion was not completed.

4. Consider “no parking” restrictions along Oak Court, Florida Lane, and Fisher Lane

Chief Reever gave a presentation and explained the reasons and logistics. This item was requested by police and fire departments for safety traveling the narrow street. Meeting was adjourned at 10:05pm.

5. Consider regulations for banners in the public right-of-way

6. Consider revisions to regulations on home occupations

7. Review clarifications to the Village Code regarding Committee of the Whole procedures

8. Presentation of the 4th Quarter Financial Report

9. Consider reducing the number of Class C1 liquor licenses

10. Update on municipal boundary agreements

11. Requests for future Committee of the Whole items

12. Public comments

13. Village Board comments

14. Adjournment

10:05pm by ordinance. Trustees did not vote to extend meeting.

Notes of Village meetings are prepared by volunteers of Winfield United as a community service. The notes are not the official Village of Winfield minutes. They are not a complete written and accurate representation of all matters discussed at the meeting nor is it our intention to lead readers to make any such conclusion. These notes are solely for a prompt and quick informational briefing of the agenda and general discussion made by the Village Trustees and attendees at the meeting for the convenience of Winfield United (WU) website visitors. They should not be used for any other purpose. We suggest that visitors to our Winfield United website please visit the official Village of Winfield website to obtain the official agenda and minutes. The Village of Winfield website is for the official posting of Village minutes. Please call the Village of Winfield administration at 630-933-7100 should the official minutes for the subject meeting not be posted or for further clarification of the agenda and minutes.

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