Contentious Village Board Meetings Stall Winfield’s Progess

September 13, 2011

Village Government

The Winfield Village Board meeting on September 1st was contentious once again. Residents who attended the meeting to the bitter end or watched the meeting on Comcast Channel 10 witnessed the following. In a letter to the Daily Herald only a few days before, President Deborah Birutis asked Trustee Tim Allen to quit lying to, and trying to deceive, village residents. That letter seemingly had no effect on Allen.  He verbally attacked President  Birutis and other board members for what he claimed was keeping him out of the loop regarding a new bakery interested in opening in Winfield’s town center and would now be ‘springing it on him last minute’ at a Committee of the Whole.

Trustee Allen repeatedly attacked President Birutis for orchestrating a perceived, secret deal, claiming only a few privileged Trustees were ‘in the know’ and that he had to hear about the bakery through the grapevine. He was appalled that he, a Trustee, was not told and he repeated this over and over again.

When he was finished President Birutis calmly responded, “Trustee Allen, I told you about the bakery months ago. Your response was that there was no way you were going to support a bakery in town center.”  President Birutis told Allen you did not hear it through the grapevine, you heard it directly from me. She reminded him that his was response was…no, never to the bakery, end of topic. As Allen continued to belabor the point President Birutis, for the third time, told Allen she didn’t pursue it with him because of his ‘no, never’ comments. Tim Allen interjected after the third time saying “It’s been two months, two months” seemingly accepting the fact that Birutis did indeed discuss the issue with him after all. Allen never once denied that Birutis did indeed discuss the Bakery with him as he initially and repeatedly charged.

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