Central DuPage Hospital Opens New Wing

October 5, 2011

Life in Winfield

by Michael Smith

If you’re like most Winfield residents who are in good health and rarely, if ever, have had need for hospitalization, having a world-class hospital facility as a neighbor probably is not something you think about much.  Yes, we know it is there because it generates a regular (sometimes heavy) traffic flow, and those of us who live anywhere near it are accustomed to hearing the emergency sirens throughout the day and night.  And nobody who has driven down Winfield Road north of the railroad tracks in the last two years could possibly have missed the huge construction project of the new 280,000 square feet hospital wing expansion that opened in August.

I had the opportunity to see the new addition from the inside before the project was opened.  I hope I never need to spend time in the hospital, but if I do, this is the place I want to be!  There are 202 new rooms, each one of which is private (single-patient).  Each room is equipped not only with “state of the art” medical equipment, but also well thought out features for comfort of patient and visitors.  CDH aptly describes the new wing as having “an upscale hotel feel” that does not seem at all like a medical facility.  They are right.

CDH first opened its doors in 1964, but the property has been the site for healthcare since 1897.  That’s when a family-run rest home commenced operations there.  Ever since, the healthcare function and facilities have been expanding and improving.  Here is a link to CDH’s long history, tracing decade-by-decade the growth of the hospital as well as the recognition and acclaim that CDH has continued to receive as a top-notch, cutting edge healthcare facility: http://www.cdh.org/about-us/our-history.aspx

It is easy to complain these days about CDH, with its ever-expanding size and the fact that it is by law exempt from paying property taxes to the Village or the County.  But the reality is that CDH is a good neighbor.  To mention but a few of CDH’s gifts to the community, it has generously made grants to help fund road repairs in Winfield ($300,000 in July, 2010), has funded a community chest program which has helped purchase equipment for WEMA and is now participating in a matching fund grant program to support the Winfield Riverwalk project.  Better yet, since the odds are fairly good that sooner or later each of us will spend some time as a patient in a hospital, it is good to have a place like CDH in our Winfield neighborhood.

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