Stay Involved in Your Village

by Steve Romanelli

The true health of any community can often be enhanced by the support of dedicated volunteers, willing to serve on boards and commissions. When people are involved in village activities, several beneficial things happen including a reduction of costs related to paid staff, an increase in accountability for elected officials, and better communication of residents concerns. It has been suggested by a new board member that Winfield should reduce the number of committees and discourage people from getting involved. I believe this would be a huge mistake for the future of our village. How is it beneficial to reduce the input from our residents, especially since so many of the volunteers serving on our various boards and commissions provide their vast knowledge and skills to help serve as a reference for our village staff and elected officials? In addition, this pool of talent often serves as a source of future candidates for elected office. Their experience in understanding how our village operates as well as the structure of our government allows them to be able to reduce the learning curve often needed for new candidates who have not been involved in the past.

Winfield United for a Better Community has always supported an informed and involved resident base that is able to openly discuss any issues with the Village Staff and Village Board. Our organization was instrumental in getting the board meetings to be recorded and then televised so everyone can have the chance to watch the decision making process first hand. This is our community and its success is dependent on our willingness to help each other. Get involved and stay involved in every possible way to give something back to our wonderful home. While some may choose to sit back and complain about things they believe are wrong, those who make the efforts to contribute of their time and energy will be rewarded, knowing they did their best to make things right.

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