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Uncovering Winfield 411

November 17, 2011


by Steve Romanelli

We generally would not acknowledge the negative blog site Winfield 411, but there have been some recent developments worth noting. The first is that finally there is someone who will now take credit for owning or at least managing the site and that is current Village of Winfield Trustee Tim Allen. Anyone who may have any issues with items that are posted there can take that up with him. Congratulations Mr. Allen, you now have complete control of your beloved website. Second and of noteworthy comment […]

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Does Winfield Need Voter Districts? Don’t Be Fooled

November 1, 2011

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by Jed Skillman

The question of changing our Village electoral system seems to have popped up.  We should wonder why this now seems to be a concern.

In a well-functioning democracy voters choose their representatives.  Things go bad when representatives attempt to choose their voters. […]

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