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New Districting Referendum Information Center Activated

January 26, 2012


Winfield voters will be asked via referendum in the March 20 primary election to decide whether the village should be divided into voter districts.

In order to educate and enable voters to make an informed decision on the referendum question, a new Districting Referendum Information Center has been added to the Positive on Winfield website. The Information Center includes links to Positive on Winfield articles on the referendum and articles about the referendum that have appeared in the local media.

The Information Center also includes access to several different documents and resources on the topic of dividing Winfield into voter districts.

To access the Districting Referendum Information Center, please click here.

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Village Board Gets Second Opinion to Tell Us What We Already Knew

January 2, 2012


by Norman Abramowitz

By now it should be no secret to Winfield residents that since their election to the Village Board last April, Trustees Tim Allen and Tony Reyes have made many loud and acrimonious declarations claiming wrongdoing and lying on the part of other elected officials and Village staff members.  Nearly everything that now comes before the Board, from mundane matters such as regular Approval of the Minutes to major issues like discussions of Winfield’s Riverwalk or Town Center development […]

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