Coyote Presentation Recap

A full-house crowd was on hand last month at the library to hear naturalist Jack MacRae’s presentation about the rising coyote population in Winfield and surrounding areas.

According to Jack MacRae, coyotes began moving into our area in the 1970s and 80s.  Ranging between the surrounding forest preserves and local backyards coyotes find a feast of squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and other small game.  The abundance of small game in Winfield, plus easy pickings from gardens, fruit trees, and even compost bins keep the coyote population healthy and plentiful.

Coyotes are naturally cautious around people and are very good at staying “invisible”.  They are in our midst frequently yet we never see them.  On the downside, they do not distinguish between small mammals and unattended small pets.  If hungry they will try to snatch a small animal.  MacRae strongly suggested that cats be kept indoors and that small dogs always be walked on a leash.  Although they avoid human contact, coyotes are naturally curious and can be tempted to investigate anything novel or unusual.  They are also clever thieves and will clean out a bird feeder or grab steaks off a grill if given an opportunity.

Coyotes are here to stay.  Attempts to reduce their population have proven ineffective.  So, for the future the message is don’t leave anything they would consider food unattended.

The meeting was co-sponsored by Winfield United for a Better Community and  by the West-Win Homeowner’s Association.

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