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Reforest Winfield – Winfield United Annual Tree Sale

March 24, 2012


This year, in addition to our regular tree sale, Winfield United is offering the opportunity to pre-order trees.  If you would like us to set aside trees for you, please call or e-mail us with your name, address, phone number and tree selections.

We will have the following varieties in 3 – 5 gallon sizes for $15.00 each:


Pagoda Dogwood

Red Oak

Burr Oak

Korean Spice Viburnum


To Pre-Order:

Call: 630-690-7608


Pick up and pay for your trees on the sale date.

Pre-orders will be accepted until April 20.

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Districting Referendum Rejected

March 22, 2012


The referendum to split Winfield into six election districts backed by Trustee Tim Allen was soundly defeated at the polls on Tuesday. Of the 2,772 ballots cast on Tuesday, 1,865 voted NO and 857 voted YES. This amounts to a margin of 68.5% – 31.5%.

The voters sent a clear message about their feelings on districting.

Also of note is the fact that Winfield had a 42% voter turnout in this primary election, far above the countywide average of 20% in the Republican Primary.

Thank you to all who did their civic duty by voting.

(Detailed results on the Winfield districting referendum can be viewed here)

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Trustee Olson Opposes Districting

March 16, 2012


Winfield residents should vote NO on this Binding Referendum to Divide the Village into 6 Districts with One Trustee Elected from Each District.

Residents will have the greatest influence and accountability of their Trustees in at-large elections; Districts will limit quality candidates based on where they live; Negative decisions could be made by districted Trustees not living in your district – against the vote of your districted Trustee, that directly impact you; “Who residents elect” rather than “How they are elected,” is the real question.

The current Village Board is diverse, divided, and does not agree on issues with regularity. Issues should include a thorough discussion, encouraging and listening to resident input, relying on staff professionals for thoughtful research and opinion, thinking outside the box for creative solutions, exhausting the debate so that all positive and negative impacts are known, and then making the tough decisions.

As I have walked the community, […]

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Districting Winfield Will Not Make Trustees Get Along

March 13, 2012


There is an important decision for Winfield voters in this next election to decide whether or not to divide our small village into 6 districts. Districting will eliminate the current ability we have to select every single trustee at large and be able to contact every single trustee on any topic. Don’t believe what you read on a blog or unsigned documents thrown in your mailbox. Districting is not the answer to make trustees get along.

Trustees who refuse to work together are the problem, not their differing opinions or where they live. Without the willingness of people to compromise and find agreeable solutions, you get the dysfunctional board we have today. We as voters can force change by not accepting the disrespectful behavior of those who volunteered to “serve” residents before themselves.

Proponents of districting will have you believe all of the fighting on the village board is because we are not districted, yet those same trustees are often the root cause of the problems because they refuse to follow or finish an agenda, are constantly […]

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Civility on the Board

March 5, 2012


I firmly believe that no matter how much folks in politics might disagree with each other, it is of vital importance that they do it in a civil manner and with respect for each other. Sarcasm, name calling, and dramatic body language can stifle communication and make cooperation on a Village Board almost impossible.

For example, witness the January 5th Board meeting. When Trustee Allen suggested that the Board add an extra percent increase onto the necessary increase to the water rates, Trustee Reyes described the idea in a sarcastic tone of voice with words like “dumb” and “I have never heard of anything more stupid in my life.” He also suggested, sarcastically, that, “we need to send you to Washington.” (View Trustee Reyes’ comments here)

Now, I happen to agree with Trustee Reyes’ opinion that the extra one percent increase was not a good idea, but perhaps he could have used other less damaging words to contradict Mr. Allen’s suggestion. I am sure all Winfield residents want our elected officials to behave with dignity and civility, for they are the public face of our community.

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Magnificent Deception

March 3, 2012


by Jed Skillman

Deception, n.: The act of deceiving. Fraud.

Those behind the move to divide Winfield voters into six “districts” are running an ad claiming that “Winfield politicians are not listening to us”.

This statement is a masterpiece of political deception.  It is technically “true” only as far as it goes.  Fact is, it is really only a “half” truth.  Since the subject is politicians “not listening” let’s look at a couple real examples.

We have all heard the recent complaints of residents north of the hospital who were not listened to regarding zoning issues and the construction of an out-of-code sign in their neighborhood.  Just a few weeks earlier the residents on Beecher Avenue were not listened to either. Their entire block was re-zoned from their residential neighborhood into the Town Center business district. Also not listened to were the District 34 School Board and the Winfield Plan Commission, which […]

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