Magnificent Deception

by Jed Skillman

Deception, n.: The act of deceiving. Fraud.

Those behind the move to divide Winfield voters into six “districts” are running an ad claiming that “Winfield politicians are not listening to us”.

This statement is a masterpiece of political deception.  It is technically “true” only as far as it goes.  Fact is, it is really only a “half” truth.  Since the subject is politicians “not listening” let’s look at a couple real examples.

We have all heard the recent complaints of residents north of the hospital who were not listened to regarding zoning issues and the construction of an out-of-code sign in their neighborhood.  Just a few weeks earlier the residents on Beecher Avenue were not listened to either. Their entire block was re-zoned from their residential neighborhood into the Town Center business district. Also not listened to were the District 34 School Board and the Winfield Plan Commission, which overwhelmingly advised against both of these matters.

Next on the list of people not to be listened to are the residents who will be negatively impacted by commercial rezoning of Roosevelt Road.

That’s a lot of “not listening”.

And who, we need to know, is not doing the listening? The majority on the current Winfield Village Board led by Chief non-listener Trustee Tim Allen – the very man who wants to divide the voters.

Residents of Winfield, know this: if “districting” passes the very Trustees who are not listening the hardest will be the ones most difficult to remove from office. They will be able to plunder your neighborhoods and you will not be able to express your disapproval at the ballot box. To claim otherwise is “Deceptive”.

Under our current “at-large” system every resident has the right to vote for – or against – all six Trustees. Do not be confused by clever political advertisements. Voting is Your Right. Do not surrender it. If districting passes you will only be allowed to vote for one Trustee. You will have no voice with the other five. This is a very bad bargain.

Yes, Winfield is afflicted with “Politicians who do not listen”. But, do not fall for their deceptive or misleading political ads. The districting referendum is designed to keep non-listening politicians in office.

Vote “NO” on Districting.

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