Civility on the Board

March 5, 2012

Village Government

I firmly believe that no matter how much folks in politics might disagree with each other, it is of vital importance that they do it in a civil manner and with respect for each other. Sarcasm, name calling, and dramatic body language can stifle communication and make cooperation on a Village Board almost impossible.

For example, witness the January 5th Board meeting. When Trustee Allen suggested that the Board add an extra percent increase onto the necessary increase to the water rates, Trustee Reyes described the idea in a sarcastic tone of voice with words like “dumb” and “I have never heard of anything more stupid in my life.” He also suggested, sarcastically, that, “we need to send you to Washington.” (View Trustee Reyes’ comments here)

Now, I happen to agree with Trustee Reyes’ opinion that the extra one percent increase was not a good idea, but perhaps he could have used other less damaging words to contradict Mr. Allen’s suggestion. I am sure all Winfield residents want our elected officials to behave with dignity and civility, for they are the public face of our community.

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