Trustee Olson Opposes Districting

Winfield residents should vote NO on this Binding Referendum to Divide the Village into 6 Districts with One Trustee Elected from Each District.

Residents will have the greatest influence and accountability of their Trustees in at-large elections; Districts will limit quality candidates based on where they live; Negative decisions could be made by districted Trustees not living in your district – against the vote of your districted Trustee, that directly impact you; “Who residents elect” rather than “How they are elected,” is the real question.

The current Village Board is diverse, divided, and does not agree on issues with regularity. Issues should include a thorough discussion, encouraging and listening to resident input, relying on staff professionals for thoughtful research and opinion, thinking outside the box for creative solutions, exhausting the debate so that all positive and negative impacts are known, and then making the tough decisions.

As I have walked the community, the residents have made clear to me that they are not pleased, and are in fact disappointed and embarrassed by the behavior of the current Village Board. The lack of respect, courtesy, and downright offensive behavior, both during Board meetings and outside of the meetings, is not becoming to the Village of Winfield. This affects the Board’s ability and effectiveness to move this Village forward addressing the challenges. Simply stated, the Village Board needs to learn how to work together in a productive capacity.

Please join me in voting NO on this Binding Referendum. We, the voters need to reexamine the characteristics and qualities of Village Board candidates, their willingness to work together, and vote for those that we will be proud of to represent the Village of Winfield, provide leadership and vision, and Build Community in our Village.


Jay Olson
Winfield Village Trustee

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