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Vote “No” On Districting – Protect Our Right To Vote for All Trustees!

March 1, 2012


by Jed Skillman

On January 19th Trustee Tim Allen succeeded in legally preventing the Village of Winfield from publishing vital information concerning his upcoming referendum.  Appearing on the March 20th ballot is Tim Allen’s proposal to divide voters into six separate districts.

With his official information black-out firmly in place, Trustee Allen is asking residents to go ahead and take his word for it and vote in favor of something about which he has prevented them from learning basic facts.  Would any reasonable citizen buy a house, an insurance policy, a used car under these circumstances?

But, instead of facts Trustee Tim Allen has given voters a big dose of ranting – which can be seen here and here – against the civic group Winfield United for a Better Community, and against […]

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