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The Kangaroo Court is in Session

August 22, 2012


On Thursday, August 23 at 7 p.m., the Village Board will be holding a special meeting. The agenda is simply to adjourn into executive session to discuss personnel matters (including firing both Village Manager Barrett and Police Chief Reever).

The agenda includes time for public comments prior to adjourning into executive session. Please come out to Village Hall and let the Trustees know how you feel about their behavior.

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Tony on TV

August 14, 2012


By Jed Skillman

Things can get pretty grim in those little towns out there. Take suburban Winfield for example…

That was the message communicated by a report on Channel 32 Fox-Chicago recently.

On the evening newscast of August 10th news anchor Bob Sirott told viewers that “Officials in suburban Winfield say the Village has to choose between smooth streets and the police to patrol them.”

Who, according to this report, were those Village “officials”? None other than our own Trustee Tony Reyes. Because no other “officials” were interviewed he appeared to be speaking for the entire Village Administration.

Given this unique platform, what did Trustee Reyes tell the Chicagoland viewing audience?

For starters he said, “The simple thing is our roads are rougher than our neighborhoods.” This from a man who was accused of assault inside Village Hall less than a year ago. […]

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Police Study Results Are In

August 2, 2012


This post comes to us from Keep the Winfield Police


The REM Police study results are in. Please take your time and read ALL of the options and results. We know that Trustee Allen is only going to trumpet his disbandment option and pick out the parts of the study that serve his argument best. So please read it, ask questions and form your own conclusion.

Also, there will be a very important “Public Meeting” with the Village Board and REM on Wednesday August 8th at 7:00pm in the CDH auditorium (main entrance).

We will get a chance to ask the Trustees direct questions and REM will be presenting their findings. Please tell all of your friends and neighbors and try and attend since I do not think it will be on Comcast.

It is our chance to get answers and let them know we want to keep our own police.

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