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By Jed Skillman

Things can get pretty grim in those little towns out there. Take suburban Winfield for example…

That was the message communicated by a report on Channel 32 Fox-Chicago recently.

On the evening newscast of August 10th news anchor Bob Sirott told viewers that “Officials in suburban Winfield say the Village has to choose between smooth streets and the police to patrol them.”

Who, according to this report, were those Village “officials”? None other than our own Trustee Tony Reyes. Because no other “officials” were interviewed he appeared to be speaking for the entire Village Administration.

Given this unique platform, what did Trustee Reyes tell the Chicagoland viewing audience?

For starters he said, “The simple thing is our roads are rougher than our neighborhoods.” This from a man who was accused of assault inside Village Hall less than a year ago.

Reyes’ interview was taped just two days after the packed-house meeting held in the new auditorium at CDH. This context is important when weighing the astonishing nature of Reyes’ next remark.

Remember that at the town-hall meeting Winfield residents — including Tony Reyes and the other “officials” — listened to a presentation of the much-awaited REM police study. Everyone in attendance heard the same message. Among the points stressed by the REM people were a) police service provided by the county will unlikely be of the same quality as that provided by our own excellent Winfield police department, and b) no hard numbers have been presented therefore there is no way to calculate savings, if any, that might possibly be achieved by disbanding the Winfield Police and outsourcing security to the Sheriff’s Department.

Given the lack of reliable financial information any Trustee who promises big savings is doing nothing more than flying by the seat of his pants and taking the residents along for the ride.

Yet, standing in front of the camera what did Trustee Reyes tell the folks watching at home?

“The county sheriff would provide us with the same services and/or better and do it for about a million dollars less.”

This is simply preposterous. Reyes and the rest of the Village Board just spent $32,400 of taxpayer money on this report and yet the information contained in it seems to have gone in one ear and out the other.

Here’s the link to the newscast. Let the video load then take a look.

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