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Election 2012

October 18, 2012


This year’s General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 6.

Voters will be voting on presidential candidates, congressional candidates, and state and local offices. There are no elections for Village of Winfield officials in this cycle. (Click here to view all of the candidates running in this election.)

On the ballot, however, are four propositions regarding Winfield. (Click here to view all propositions on the ballot in DuPage County.)

  1. Shall the Village of Winfield keep its own police department?
  2. Shall video gambling be prohibited in the Village of Winfield?
  3. Shall a referendum be required before the Village of Winfield spends more than $1 million on a new project in a single fiscal year?
  4. Shall the limiting rate under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law for the Village of Winfield , DuPage County, Illinois, be increased by an additional amount equal to 0.2397% above the limiting rate for the purpose of providing adequate service and facilities for levy year 2011 and be equal to 0.4794% of the equalized assessed value of the taxable property therein for levy year 2012?

For more information on the election, please visit the DuPage County Election Commission or the Illinois State Board of Elections.

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Village Board Nabbed By State’s Attorney

October 8, 2012


By Jed Skillman

The abuse of Executive Session secrecy has finally hit a snag.  Since the current Board was sworn in much of the Trustee’s work has been done in secret, away from public input and oversight.

The lid blew off of these closed-door practices last spring when Trustee Erik Spande went public with a tale of a seemingly unbelievable plan by four Trustees – Tim Allen, Tony Reyes, Jim Hughes and Jay Olsen – to eliminate the Winfield Police Department and outsource Winfield’s security needs to the DuPage Sheriff’s Department.

But, despite denials Trustee Spande’s story turned out to be true and was backed up by lengthy transcripts taken from nine month’s worth of these executive session meetings going all the way back to June of 2011.

Their plan exposed, the four conspirators took vengeance by placing a mark of “censure” on Spande’s lengthy record of public service and having him escorted from Village Hall by police.  Public outrage ensued and Spande has become a folk hero among Winfield residents.

Despite all the resident anger – not only over the police issue but over the continued and persistent evasion of public scrutiny – the Trustees continued doing as much of the public’s business in private as they could get away with.

Finally they’ve been caught.


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An Important Note on Tonight’s Village Board Meeting

October 4, 2012


An Important Note from Trustee Spande

The Village has been informed that the board broke the law due to an OMA violation in Exec Session on 8/23/2012. We are on 6 months of probation. See the attached letter from the State’s Attorney for details.

Of course, this violation is directly due to the actions of the trustees that control the board:

  • I voted NO to even go into Exec Session – I had a very good idea of what the majority wanted to do, and it was frivolous and vindictive of the secrecy of Exec Session
  • The village attorney STRONGLY advised the board to NOT discuss litigation when this was not stated as a reason to go into Exec Session
  • I strongly objected to discussing litigation, noting the OMA violation. As I recall, Deb strongly objected and Jack did too
  • The majority proceeded anyway

This was a brazen and clear cut OMA violation. It is instructive that the State’s Attorney only took a month to investigate the issue and then send a letter (dated 9/27/2012, received 10/3/2012).

By an amazing coincidence, none of the trustees that control the board are going to attend today’s board meeting. Isn’t that interesting? The board meeting will be held anyway for elected official and public comment.

Click here to read the letter from the State’s Attorney

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Illinois Prairie Path 50th Anniversary Celebration

October 2, 2012


A Note from the Illinois Prairie Path

The Illinois Prairie Path is the first rails-to-trails project, and it started with an idea on September 30, 1963.

The Illinois Prairie Path not-for-profit Corporation (IPPc) was instrumental in founding the IPP. The IPPc will be holding a series of events to celebrate the IPP, which forms the core of one of the best trail systems in the USA. The kickoff will be this Wednesday Oct 3rd at 112 am, where Dan Cronin/DuPage County Chair will give a keynote speech at Volunteer Park in Wheaton.

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