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Winfield Needs You!

November 16, 2012


To all who support good, honest, open government for Winfield:

I believe we all know what is at stake in the upcoming April 9th Village election. In that election, Winfield voters will be electing a President of the Village Board and 3 Trustees. We MUST win all seats in order to retake control of our Village from Olson, Allen, Reyes & Hughes, who brought us gambling, wasted tax dollars on the police issue, and incurred scrutiny by the DuPage State’s Attorney. This is THE opportunity for the good people of Winfield to work together to restore civility in our government proceedings, restore transparent and open government, and restore TRUST between the residents and the Village Board.

In spite of 87% of us voting in favor of keeping our local police force in last Tuesday’s election, we know that Trustees Jay Olson and Tim Allen met the next day with Colonel Pete Sternenberg of the Sheriff’s Office to continue discussions on outsourcing our police. And we know they plan to meet again in about 30 days. Instead of respectfully listening to the residents who spoke nearly unanimously regarding the police issue, Trustees Olson and Allen completely disregarded the will of the people and continued on their course, potentially risking the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

Now is the time! If you’re gravely concerned about the ongoing actions of Trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes, we need you to step up. Several good candidates have already committed […]

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