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Don’t Let Them Cut Our Cops Anyway

February 21, 2013


This letter to the editor appeared in the Winfield Register.

Phillip Mustes, a reform candidate for trustee, writes—

Members of the Bloc of Four, Jay Olson, Rob Hanlon, Tim Allen and Tony Reyes, steadfastly say we can repave our roads and preserve our police force with cuts in our “bloated Village budget” starting this May. They propose eliminating one police officer, despite the public’s vote.

Problem: Their solution will result in only one officer on patrol per shift with no backup. If two emergencies occur […]

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Winfield in the Tribune

February 18, 2013


Trustee Tim Allen said waiting to make a decision until after the election is not an option. He wants a vote on rezoning of more than a dozen residential properties by March 7, if possible, he said.

“This was on our to-do list, and I’ve got no apologies for what I’m doing,” Allen said. “There is no way I’m going to let this thing go down to the election.”

Read more here:,0,3008037.story

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PRESS RELEASE: Winfield Candidates Decline the 2013 Candidate’s Night

February 15, 2013


The Winfield Deserves Better candidates will be meeting as many Winfield citizens as possible in the next two months. We will be holding informal meet-and-greets at the Dunkin Donuts on the southeast corner of Geneva and County Farm Roads every Saturday from 8 until 10 a.m. from now until the election. Come join us for a chat and some coffee! On Saturday February 16th we’ll be at Morgan’s at 6:30 p.m for another informal campaign event. We will also have at least two campaign town halls, more evening events, and many coffees in homes throughout Winfield. And expect to see us in your neighborhood as we canvass the entire village. Our web site will be up soon, as will our Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the Winfield Deserves Better candidates decline participation in the 2013 “Candidate’s Night” that is being organized by the Winfield Junior Women’s Club. There have been incidents and problems with impartiality on the part of the Junior’s leadership during past elections, and we cannot in […]

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Comments from the Village Attorney at Village Board Meeting

February 10, 2013


Village Attorney Tressler, LLP made a statement at the last Village Board meeting regarding the lawsuit brought against the Village by Trustees Tim Allen and Tony Reyes.

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Of particular note are a few sentences:

The complaint contains a number of allegations that have not been ruled on by the Court, including alleging that the Village President “unilaterally and unlawfully adjourned the January 24, 2013 committee of the whole meeting”. Plaintiffs’ attorney conceded at the TRO hearing that Section 1-5-2A of the Village Code gives the President the right to unilaterally adjourn meetings.

The Court did NOT address any of the other allegations or requests for relief contained in the TRO. There have been statements made that the Village President “broke the law”.


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