Don’t Let Them Cut Our Cops Anyway

February 21, 2013


This letter to the editor appeared in the Winfield Register.

Phillip Mustes, a reform candidate for trustee, writes—

Members of the Bloc of Four, Jay Olson, Rob Hanlon, Tim Allen and Tony Reyes, steadfastly say we can repave our roads and preserve our police force with cuts in our “bloated Village budget” starting this May. They propose eliminating one police officer, despite the public’s vote.

Problem: Their solution will result in only one officer on patrol per shift with no backup. If two emergencies occur at the same time, our village and police officers will be in serious trouble.

Also, union grievances and relations with surrounding cities and villages will deteriorate, with a reluctance of other police departments to back up Winfield’s undermanned police force.

Problem: These individuals plan to loot the Water and Sewer Trust Fund to pay for some road repaving. It is not only illegal, it is merely a “robbing of Peter to pay Paul.” No solutions. Just sneaky tricks.

Solution: Elect Erik Spande as village president and Jim McCurdy, Jack Bajor and me as trustees. We will implement a realistic all-options-on-the-table approach that will repave our roads and preserve our police force.

We will implement such an approach only after an extended discussion with all the residents. This is imperative and sets us apart from our opponents. We believe that we can reach a realistic consensus with realistic actions by listening to our residents who themselves think and act realistically.

Please give us your votes on April 9. Let’s begin to repair our Village. All four of us must be elected to take back control of the Village. Any less than four will result in two more long years with the Bloc of Four still in control.


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