Former Village President Speaks Out

March 19, 2013

Elections, Village Government

by Marylou Crane, former Village President

Dear Winfield Voters,

As the saying goes, ‘having walked a mile in those shoes’ I know what it takes and what it means to be an official for the Village of Winfield.

First and foremost, you swear on a Bible to uphold the laws of the Village, the County and the State of Illinois.  That includes the Village ordinances, which some of the present Trustees have refused to follow.  As you raise your hand, you can’t have your fingers crossed behind your back.

One of the unwritten laws is to practice civility in all your actions on the Board, and frankly, we shouldn’t need to be told to act in a civil manner.  Having served the Village both as a Trustee and President, followed by service on the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, there have been many occasions of disagreement over issues, but never any name calling, yelling, shouting and ignoring the law.

It’s most important to remember that you do not represent your own interests, but you represent the citizens of the Village of Winfield.  Nowhere was that clearer than with the action taken only two days after the citizens of Winfield voted to maintain our current police department by almost a 90% majority, that the group of Olson, Reyes, Hughes and Allen ignored the will of the people and continued to trying to disband our excellent force.  That is only one example for which the residents of Winfield should be dismayed and which shows the disrespect these four trustees have shown to our Village and our residents.

Yes, this town belongs to the residents, not to just four men.  The embarrassment of living in Winfield where the Village President and residents who want to state their opinion are put down at a Village Board meeting is appalling.  Let’s elect people who still love Winfield and have manners as well as knowledge about local issues and the best way to resolve them.

Let’s return the Village of Winfield to the residents, show each other some respect and move our Village forward with dignity. Please join me in voting on April 9th for Erik Spande for President and Phil Mustes, Jack Bajor and Jim McCurdy as Trustees.

Winfield Deserves Better.

Best wishes to all,

Marylou Crane

Past President, Village of Winfield Board

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