If Rob Hanlon Wins the Village Presidency, Who’s Going to be the Actual President?

By Craig Casino

A four page mailer just reached the residents of Winfield. It was mostly a political piece for Rob Hanlon running for Village President. A lot of information about Roosevelt Road was shared and we all know who just loves to write about that! But there were also some really negative remarks and innuendos against fellow Village Presidential candidate Erik Spande thrown in for good measure.

The piece states that Mr. Hanlon’s opponent, Mr. Spande, is ‘sullen, sulky and caustic.’ It then goes on to say that he is a ‘Hydrologist’ (as if that is a negative) and that he therefore manages projects, not people, thus insinuating that Mr. Spande is a geek or something on that order.

Mr. Spande is none of these things but, rather, he is a true professional. He is always above reproach and anyone who has ever watched his behavior at a Village Board meeting would know that. Tim Allen and Tony Reyes should take lessons.

Within a few days Mr. Hanlon responded, apparently embarrassed by the piece that had his name all over it. He quickly discounted it saying he didn’t write it and stated it ‘doesn’t even sound like me.’ We are sure most of Winfield knows exactly who it sounds like and who must have written it if they have ever read Tim Allen’s poison blog site known as Winfield411.

We have heard Mr. Hanlon is a really nice guy and we are sure he is.

Maybe too nice how ever. Too nice to deal with some of the people he has decided to align himself with in his campaign. And it seems those people took it upon themselves to write Mr. Hanlon’s four page ad and then mail it to every voter in town. This obviously was done without Mr. Hanlon’s approval or he wouldn’t have been so quick to distance himself from the political mailing? Who is running the show here? Is it the Presidential candidate, Mr. Hanlon, or the person who actuallywrote it? It appears Mr. Hanlon only thinks he’s going to be President, if the writers of this piece have anything to say about it!

Should Mr. Hanlon’s judgment be questioned for tying himself to the Tim Allen side of the ticket and his neighbor, Jay Olson? It seems that Mr. Hanlon and two of his running mates, Blackburn and Jacques, have finally figured out that aligning themselves with the Allen, Reyes, Olson, Hughes faction is a problem, as they are broadcasting to anyone who will listen that they are ‘independents.’ That they are not associated with the ‘Gang of 4’. That is their current battle cry and we are sure residents will hear that as they go door to door in these final weeks of the election season.

Well, the residents have seen your yard signs, gentlemen, and even though you are starting to separate your yard signs from the others, wherever possible, it’s too late now! Jay Olson is tied at the hip with Tim Allen, Tony Reyes and Jim Hughes and the entire village is aware of that. Jay Olson led the secret meetings with the Sheriff’s office to get rid of our Winfield Police. Jay Olson advocates video gambling for Winfield. And, finally, Jay Olson and his Board cohorts have been called on the carpet by the State’s Attorney for multiple violations of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

It’s too late for separation, Mr. Hanlon, Blackburn, and Jacques. You can tell everyone that you support the police ‘too,’ and are independent of Allen, Olson and Reyes, but the residents know the truth. You’re NOT independent!

Mr. Hanlon, you are in the water with sharks. Not saying this to be mean  but residents really have to wonder…… if you can’t manage these guys during your own campaign, how could you possibly manage our Village?

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