A Message for Winfield Residents Who Have Political Signs of Support for Erik Spande, Jack Bajor, Phil Mustes and Jim McCurdy on Your Front Lawns

Dear Winfield,

Unfortunately, some supporters of the Hanlon, Olson, Jacques and Blackburn slate are getting out of hand during this political season. Winfield United does not condone this type of politics and hope that the Rob Hanlon / Winfield First-Olson slate also abhor this behavior on their behalf.  The individuals in the attached letter are very outspoken at village meetings and now are taking their brand of politicking  to the streets door to door and by defacing our yard signs.

Many people have requested signs to show support for Erik Spande, Jack Bajor, Phillip Mustes and Jim McCurty, the signs being defaced have either been stolen or we unwittingly delivered the sign to someone opposed to our promise of good government.

This is not good for Winfield and does not speak well for our future.


Karen Skillman
Winfield United


First of all, we thank you for proudly displaying yard signs in support of these four candidates.

Many of you have received unsolicited letters, stuck in your doors, attacking Winfield United and the candidates we support. It is important to note that the authors, Randy Voss and Heidi Vollmuth, are big fans and outspoken supporters of Tim Allen, Tony Reyes, Jay Olson and Jim Hughes. That’s fine. Everyone has an opinion and we just disagree.

Allow us to respond to a few of their criticisms:

  • Winfield United is a Political Action Committee: We obviously are. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there are multiple PAC’s in Winfield, including Friends of Rob Hanlon, Winfield First and the Tony for the People PAC. Information on these PAC’s and more can be found at www.elections.il.gov.
  • They claim that most of the money contributed to WU comes from outside the village. The exact opposite is true. 98% of the contributions to WU come from village residents who, like you, want a ‘better community’. The other 2% comes from County residents who care about the town they share with those of us who live inside village limits. Think about the deception here. How would they have any idea where our money comes from? They don’t, but the truth never matters with these guys or their supporters.
  • Randy Voss questions whether we really stand for ‘Open and Honest Government and a Better Community’: We do, and that is an important reason for supporting Erik Spande for Village President. He was the whistle blower who exposed the ‘Gang of 4’s’ plan to dissolve our police department and he was honored with the 2012 Citizen Initiative Award from the Citizens Advocacy Center, the first public official to be awarded that honor.
  • Winfield United is accused of the dastardly deed of having our members not only on the Village Board but also appointed to several volunteer commissions of the Village of Winfield. Contrary to what Randy and Heidi  tell you, it’s actually a good thing  these residents, who happened to belong to Winfield United, are providing volunteer service on several Village Commissions. We are ‘Winfield United for a Better Community’ and many WU members donate their time and expertise to the Village. It just makes sense to appoint residents with financial, engineering, communications, technology, and other types of expertise to Village Commissions, regardless of their political affiliation.
  • Mr. Voss asks why are there so many lawsuits in the village as if WU is somehow responsible for that?: We believe 85% of the residents know why there are lawsuits and their names are Allen, Reyes, Olson and Hughes. When you repeatedly violate Village ordinances and State laws (Open Meetings Act, in particular), it is going to result in lawsuits. But as Reyes says, “nothing is illegal until a judge says it is.”
  • They claim Winfield United and our candidates want to stop all development in the village: This is completely false. Nearly every development project in the village in the last 9 years has been encouraged and favorably voted on by WU sponsored candidates. Our goal is to follow the proper procedures, maximize value to Winfield, be respectful of affected residents and not ramrod projects through to satisfy politicians or cronies with vested interests
  • Mr. Voss claims two former Village Presidents are fighting to remove Winfield United’s influence in the village, Kirshbaum and Czech: Know that Kirshbaum was always a supporter of past trustees Levan, Macowiak and Bianco who still work behind the scenes through Tim Allen. And Rudy Czech was unhappy with WU because we wouldn’t support him for a second term as Village President. It is important to note that former Village President Mary Lou Crane has endorsed Spande, Bajor, McCurdy and Mustes, as has current President Deb Birutis and former DuPage County Board Commissioner Linda Kurzawa.
  • The Police issue: Also in their letters, they are trying to confuse the people of Winfield and throw the blame onto Erik Spande for informing the public after 11 months of secret negotiations. We feel the people are very well informed on this whole issue and know right where the blame lies, and that’s with Allen, Olson, Reyes and Hughes.
  • The Winfield Register and its association with WU: The Register is vilified by our opposition because it exposes everything they do and ‘The Gang of 4’ doesn’t like to be exposed so publicly. Does WU agree with everything that has been in the Register in the past? Of course not, we have expressed displeasure with certain stories but overall, when it comes to informing the public with what has been going on within our Board, we certainly support the Register.

The letters you may have received are a desperate last minute attempt by the opposition. This is what their campaign has devolved into. It must be disheartening for them to see new red, white and blue yard signs springing up daily, thanks to folks like you, while they still have the same ones out that they posted against the rules a month earlier than they were supposed to.

All anyone has to do is attend a village board meeting now or in the past to see who are the people we need leading Winfield!

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