The Wizard of Olson

by Rock Rockett

Like the great Wizard of Oz, Jay Olson created a great and powerful image of himself for Winfield residents.

In his 2009 campaign literature he claimed he stood for approachable, predictable, honest and transparent government. He boasted that he would encourage people to participate in their government and strengthen the sense of community pride.

Then Olson became a Village Trustee. For a couple of years, he hid himself well behind the curtain. Then when Tony Reyes, Tim Allen and Jim Hughes joined the Village Board, the curtain flew open!

  • Jay Olson urged the Village Board to limit resident comments at board meetings and votes to adjourn a meeting before all other elected officials can make comments.
  • Olson took the lead in eliminating resident volunteers on our Village committees just to seek revenge on people who do not agree with him.
  • He voted to force rezoning of homes on Beecher Street and the Marathon Station against the owners’ will.
  • Olson worked tirelessly to eliminate the Winfield Police Department. Even 2 days after a resident referendum in which 87% of voters said to leave the police alone, he and Trustee Tim Allen were back negotiating with the County Sheriff to outsource the entire department.
  • He refused to obey the will of the voters on the ban of video gambling.
  • Olson continuously violates State law – the Open Meeting Act by texting his gang of fellow Trustees in Board meetings and continues to vote on issues not on the meeting agendas.
  • Olson also works with these Trustees (Reyes & Allen) to decide all Village issues behind the scenes and he led the changes for Committee of the Whole proceedings which effectively limit public information and participation.
  • Olson voted to eliminate fees for his special interests in an amount well over $150,000 in the past 2 years but yet pretends that he wants to give back programs to the residents (such as the free leaf pick up) when in fact he selectively waives other fees for his special interests.

These are all facts, corroborated by Olson’s campaign materials and his voting record.

Just like the Wizard of Oz, Jay Olson is a fake. Now that Jay Olson’s curtain has been lifted, his true nature has been exposed, yet he would like us all to believe that he agrees with the majority of Winfield voters.

Help us put an end to Olson’s bad behavior – PLEASE VOTE for Spande, Bajor, McCurdy and Mustes on Tuesday, April 9th.

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