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Facebook Announcement

April 4, 2013


Sad to say, a number of people have been uninvited from the Winfield United Facebook page.

While we respect their right to support the so-called “independent” candidates, we have had enough of them trashing our candidates and our organization on our site.  It is as simple as that.  No one could reasonably expect us to put in the effort of running this page only to have trolls log on and deface it while we are at work or busy with other matters.  Our opposition’s comments have long since ceased being “debate” and turned into disruption.

Look what their behavior (and the behavior of Majority Trustees they support) have done to attendance at Village Hall.  Meetings have become so unpleasant […]

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Winfield – We Have a Problem

April 3, 2013


by Linda Kurzawa, Retired DuPage County Board Member

Our town is currently run by a majority block of four trustees who plow headlong as they see fit.

They have denied our town its right to have a deliberative body as its representation.  They have ignored the concerns of the citizens, defied law as it pertains to open and honest meetings through the Open Meetings Act.  And perhaps worst of all – they were caught red handed lying to us about who was actually working to outsource our police.  Are we to forget all the blogs and statements where they took credit for this brilliant idea?

We have been subjected to an embarrassing […]

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