Winfield – We Have a Problem

by Linda Kurzawa, Retired DuPage County Board Member

Our town is currently run by a majority block of four trustees who plow headlong as they see fit.

They have denied our town its right to have a deliberative body as its representation.  They have ignored the concerns of the citizens, defied law as it pertains to open and honest meetings through the Open Meetings Act.  And perhaps worst of all – they were caught red handed lying to us about who was actually working to outsource our police.  Are we to forget all the blogs and statements where they took credit for this brilliant idea?

We have been subjected to an embarrassing display of outrageous behavior from our public officials.

And why?  The responsibility for this embarrassment lies directly on the shoulders of the Majority Four – no one else – after all they do have the majority vote.  They can do as they please on any issue that comes across their desk; they act in lock step – with predetermined outcomes before they ever enter a meeting.  So why the display of bad behavior?  Could they not at least have given us the allusion of interest in anything we had to say – could they not have shown civility to their colleagues and courtesy to the public.  After all, they had the votes – they had the power.

We can only judge them by what they have done with power – not what they said they would do.

I have recently received political literature for a group of people who want you to believe they are an independent voice.  Yet there are 2 candidates for trustee running together with Mr. Olson.  We don’t have to wonder about Mr. Olson – he is firmly the 4th member of the majority – he never waivers – he always supports Mr. Allen and Mr. Reyes – as Mr. Hughes follows along.  He has violated the OMA law, he was insistent on being IN the meetings with the Sheriff the entire year the outsourcing discussions were going on.  I can only assume then that the two new candidates condone this behavior.  And their literature is passed out with Mr. Hanlon’s literature.  He also claims to be independent.

The effort to outsource our Police Department is the most galvanizing issue any town in the county has faced in many years.  The public said NO to outsourcing – did the trustees listen – NO – it took the County to end the madness.  Did these newcomers do anything to support our police; I do not find their names on the petitions to save the police.  There were no signs in their front yards – and one I actually had a conversation with arguing that it was a good idea and he supported it.

And the Majority Four takes that same steamroller process and applies it to any wish they desire to advance.  This must end.

Make no mistake – there is only one thing I want my trustees to be INDEPENDENT from and that is the current majority of four    – Allen – Reyes – Hughes and OLSON.

We need change alright – and we can’t afford to be fooled.  I need to know that who I vote for in this election represents ME.  I want my officials to represent us with honesty, openness and dignity.

That can only be determined by actions – not political rhetoric.  Winfield deserves better.

I will vote for ERIK SPANDE for Village President.

It took his courage to come forward and allow the public the benefit of the truth of what was happening – how close we came to losing our Police.  How angry the Majority four are with him for “outing” them.  We need his leadership.

JACK BAJOR deserves our support – he has truly stayed Independent from the Majority 4.

JIM MC CURDY and PHIL MUSTES worked hard to save our police.  They have new thoughts and ideas to bring to the board and I’m sure will return our village board to a thoughtful, deliberative body.

Return good government to Winfield.

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