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Sad to say, a number of people have been uninvited from the Winfield United Facebook page.

While we respect their right to support the so-called “independent” candidates, we have had enough of them trashing our candidates and our organization on our site.  It is as simple as that.  No one could reasonably expect us to put in the effort of running this page only to have trolls log on and deface it while we are at work or busy with other matters.  Our opposition’s comments have long since ceased being “debate” and turned into disruption.

Look what their behavior (and the behavior of Majority Trustees they support) have done to attendance at Village Hall.  Meetings have become so unpleasant they are almost impossible to sit through.  Other than vocal malcontents, none but the most dedicated watchdog of Village government could stand more than ten minutes.

It is not only what they say; the falsehoods are easy enough to refute, even if we have to refute the same falsehoods time and again.  (Erik Spande is “sullen, sulking and caustic”.  Jack Bajor didn’t “pay his water bill”.  Costco wanted to move to Winfield but “Spande and Bajor said No”.)  Our problem also is with the toxic rudeness with which they communicate.

Yes, we know our opponents and their supporters have shifted positions on Village issues.  But this is just transparent campaign fluff.  Last year this time they were all in favor of letting majority four get rid of the Winfield Police Department.  This year they post love sonnets on the Police Department web site. Last year they were ready to jump in bed with Illinois gambling interests.  This year they are all church-goers.  Last year “voter districts” were at the top of their wish lists, this year the subject is not even mentioned.  Last year’s Tim Allen or Tony Reyes fan is this year’s Hanlon supporter.

One thing has not changed; their dislike of Winfield United for a Better Community.  On that matter they have not budged an inch.  As long as they continue to view the Village of Winfield as a cash “cow to be milked” they will oppose Winfield United.

We are Winfield United.  Their alternative is “Winfield Every Man for Himself”.  But that way lies chaos, petty ambition, poor planning, a diminished Village and the missed opportunity to make Winfield a truly desirable and sought-after residential destination.

So, we have to say “good-bye” to the rancorous supporters of the “independent” candidates.  But don’t cry for them.  They can easily go back to Tim Allen’s blog and post away to their heart’s content.  We wish them well.

For everyone else, we hope you enjoy our new, hassle-free Facebook page.

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