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Winfield Featured on Citizen Engagement Blog

December 11, 2012


Our very own Winfield has been featured on the citizen engagement blog, Reboot Illinois.

Click here to read the full story of how our local citizens fought to keep our police department.

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Can You Believe This?

December 9, 2012


by Rock Rockett

So, here’s something you’ll have a hard time understanding…….as I did.

At the December 6th Village Board meeting the Trustees had the responsibility of passing an ordinance to ban video gaming in the Village of Winfield. Passing the ordinance was seen, by normal people, as a simple move to update our Village ordinances to make our Village code consistent with the outcome of the November 6th election at which the good people of Winfield voted by 55% to 45% to ban video gaming in Winfield. That’s a margin of nearly 800 votes, so there should be no question as to the ‘will of the people’ on this issue.

When the Village Attorney was asked why the Board needs to vote on this issue since it was already passed by referendum, the Attorney told them that it was an administrative procedure to pass the ordinance banning video gambling and, therefore, updating our Village code to be consistent with the referendum decision. Otherwise, our Village code will not reflect the outcome of the Nov. 6th election and could confuse any current or prospective businesses interested in implementing video gaming in their place of business.

So, what do you think the fine Trustees of Winfield did? That’s right! You know them well. Olson voted NO, Reyes voted NO, Hughes voted NO and Allen voted NO. Spande and Bajor did the right thing and voted YES, but once again lost out to the 4 man righteous majority who are intent on having their way regardless of the ‘will of the people.’ Democracy be damned – according to Olson and company!

But alas, there is hope. We can stop this nonsense on the April 9th election. Looking forward to that day and hope you are too!

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Winfield Needs You!

November 16, 2012


To all who support good, honest, open government for Winfield:

I believe we all know what is at stake in the upcoming April 9th Village election. In that election, Winfield voters will be electing a President of the Village Board and 3 Trustees. We MUST win all seats in order to retake control of our Village from Olson, Allen, Reyes & Hughes, who brought us gambling, wasted tax dollars on the police issue, and incurred scrutiny by the DuPage State’s Attorney. This is THE opportunity for the good people of Winfield to work together to restore civility in our government proceedings, restore transparent and open government, and restore TRUST between the residents and the Village Board.

In spite of 87% of us voting in favor of keeping our local police force in last Tuesday’s election, we know that Trustees Jay Olson and Tim Allen met the next day with Colonel Pete Sternenberg of the Sheriff’s Office to continue discussions on outsourcing our police. And we know they plan to meet again in about 30 days. Instead of respectfully listening to the residents who spoke nearly unanimously regarding the police issue, Trustees Olson and Allen completely disregarded the will of the people and continued on their course, potentially risking the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

Now is the time! If you’re gravely concerned about the ongoing actions of Trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes, we need you to step up. Several good candidates have already committed […]

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A Summer of Storms, Heat and Petitions

July 29, 2012


By Jed Skillman

All three petitions circulated in Winfield have been notarized, stamped and duly delivered to the Village Clerk. They are now are on their way to the November ballot.

Over 5,000 signatures – 5,378 to be exact – were collected by 40 volunteers: 2,547 for  the “Keep Our Police” referendum; 2,261 to reinstate the ban on “gaming” in local barrooms; and 570 to require the Village Board to seek public approval before spending more than $ 1 Million on a […]

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Districting Referendum Rejected

March 22, 2012


The referendum to split Winfield into six election districts backed by Trustee Tim Allen was soundly defeated at the polls on Tuesday. Of the 2,772 ballots cast on Tuesday, 1,865 voted NO and 857 voted YES. This amounts to a margin of 68.5% – 31.5%.

The voters sent a clear message about their feelings on districting.

Also of note is the fact that Winfield had a 42% voter turnout in this primary election, far above the countywide average of 20% in the Republican Primary.

Thank you to all who did their civic duty by voting.

(Detailed results on the Winfield districting referendum can be viewed here)

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Trustee Olson Opposes Districting

March 16, 2012


Winfield residents should vote NO on this Binding Referendum to Divide the Village into 6 Districts with One Trustee Elected from Each District.

Residents will have the greatest influence and accountability of their Trustees in at-large elections; Districts will limit quality candidates based on where they live; Negative decisions could be made by districted Trustees not living in your district – against the vote of your districted Trustee, that directly impact you; “Who residents elect” rather than “How they are elected,” is the real question.

The current Village Board is diverse, divided, and does not agree on issues with regularity. Issues should include a thorough discussion, encouraging and listening to resident input, relying on staff professionals for thoughtful research and opinion, thinking outside the box for creative solutions, exhausting the debate so that all positive and negative impacts are known, and then making the tough decisions.

As I have walked the community, […]

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