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Public Safety Dispatching

March 27, 2011


This item is found in the “little things that are big things” department and part of a well run village administration.

This item was approved unanimously by the village board.

DuComm, the public safety dispatching group utilized by the village, approved an intergovernmental agreement allowing the County’s Emergency Telephone System Board to proceed equipping all DuPage public safety personnel with federally funded next generation radios.  Motorola will expand it’s STARCOM 21 system already in use by state police to support the new radios.  The purchase of 21 new radios for our police department will be funded by federal grants.

Trustees Cliff Mortenson and Glenn Vade Bon Coeur are active in the public safety of our residents.

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A Word about Property and Sales taxes

March 27, 2011


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a village board member?

It is a difficult task to balance revenue and expenditures, there are many things to know and consider.  Candidate Glenn VadeBobCoeur has been chairman of the finance committee for the past few years.  Below are some of the tax issues that the village staff and board have to consider.

Here is a simple retail tax fact:  Winfield receives 1% of sales tax for most purchases.  In order to yield the village $700,000 annually, which is the amount asked for road repair in last year’s referendum, retail sales would have to be $70 million. $70 million would be a highly performing Target store, according to Business Week magazine.

Here are some simple property tax facts taken from a report by Nadine Alletto, finance director, at a village board meeting: In 2009 Walgreen’s paid $1579.09 in property tax; Prairie Trail Shopping Center paid $ 6,230.73; CVS paid $6,33.48 and Citgo (now a Shell station) paid $317.72.

Property tax rates for Winfield:

DuPage County Clerk’s office report of 2008:

Total tax rate for DuPage communities—including all taxing bodies:  schools, library, township, county etc  Winfield rates #10 out of 34 communities.   Glendale Heights is #1, Hanover Park is #5,  Naperville is #20, Oak Brook is #34

Municipal Tax Rates for DuPage communities—Money paid only to the village of Winfield, not the library not the park district which are their own taxing bodies:  Winfield is #29 out of 34 communities.  Aurora is #1, Elk Grove Village is #5,  Wood Dale is #20, Oak Brook is #34.

(this published information is often one year in arrears)

Please VOTE  April 5th


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Choose Wisely

March 26, 2011


by Steve Romanelli   

Winfield United for a Better Community was founded in August of 2004. Our members are actively involved in every corner of Winfield, serving on boards and commissions, working on community projects, functioning with other fine organizations, and doing their best to make our village a better place for all of us. We encourage others to join us and to serve Winfield every day of every year, not just at election time. The people of Winfield, who we call our friends and neighbors, make this such a special place to live. Add the surrounding Forest Preserves, public transportation, excellent schools, and a world-class medical facility; it is easy to see why the village is such a desirable place to live.

One of the distinctions that set aside Winfield United as an organization is our commitment to serving the village in various ways through our 3 teams, Community Projects, Communication and Civic Involvement. Our not for profit corporation has always been organized as a 501 (C) (4) which allows for us to support and endorse political candidates. It is not our primary focus but certainly one that gains the attention of those who disagree with our endorsements. We have always supported open and honest government and will continue to do so. We offer an interview to every candidate who chooses to run for office. After an extensive interview process, our team then presents those candidates to our membership for their approval. In the last several elections, voters have also agreed with our selections.

While it is always positive to have a choice of candidates, voters will still need to make a decision when there are more candidates than position. Elections are critical decisions that should not be taken lightly. Not all candidates are equally qualified or present themselves in a manner which may be suitable to working together on a functioning team, which is how our village board is structured. Special attention should be given to what candidates say, write, and how they conduct themselves in their attempts to earn your vote. Check the facts; ask the questions that will require details to promises, watch how they treat each other, how they treat elected officials, and the degree of respect and professionalism that is conveyed. There is plenty of opportunity to gather the information so you can make an educated choice for who will serve you best as an elected official.

For some reason, our small community has become inflamed with animosity that support false attacks on village officials, and other fine residents who choose to serve our community. Winfield United has often been the brunt for these baseless attacks simply because we have supported candidates that the voters also overwhelmingly supported. These unfounded attacks have been personal in nature and have no place in our community. People can have a difference in opinions, but should be respectful and accountable for their actions. Anonymous websites and anonymous posts have zero validity in our opinion because they have no ability to be challenged. Our organization, Winfield United for a Better Community is performing a service to our members and in many cases residents who look to us for information about our village. We are not on the ballot, but support some of those who are. Allowing people to be attacked in such a wanton manner not only is morally wrong, but also may discourage good people with good ideas from getting involved. That would be tragic for any community.

In this election, we are endorsing 3 candidates who have demonstrated their character through their actions. They are involved in the community and have been so not just to get elected, but because they desire to serve Winfield in positive ways. They each have separate skills, differing personalities, but a united vision to work together in ways that will continue to move our village toward a brighter future.

Glenn VadeBonCoeur      Cliff Mortenson     James Hughes

We hope that as you gather more information about these candidates that you will share our support for them to serve as Village Trustees and give them your vote of confidence on April 5.

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Good Day Campaigning

March 26, 2011


Today, we had a great time going door to door talking with Winfield residents. Such great people with a passion about their village and the commitment to work together. It’s great to have positive conversations with each of them and discuss solutions to current issues.

They also appreciate as a source of accurate information on Village issues which they can trust. We’ve been out in the neighborhoods for the last few weeks and will be in your neighborhood soon. If you have any questions email us at or call 630/346-1524, if we don’t know the answer we will find the person who does know.


Jed & Karen Skillman; Rocky Rockett and the 2011 candidates: Jim Hughes, Glenn VadeBonCoeur & Cliff Mortenson

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Reyes is Also a Pinocchio

March 26, 2011


by Village President Deborah Birutis

After reading the most recent edition of the Winfield Post I am compelled to correct several misleading statements from Tony Reyes, a candidate for village trustee.

Tony Reyes falsely claims that the village has spent excess cash reserves on our automatic meter reading system, claiming that it has a 50-70 year payback. That is false. The AMR system has allowed the village to capture hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual water revenue that was previously lost due to antiquated reading techniques and equipment. The true payback period is closer to 6-7 years.

Reyes also claimed that the village spent $140K of TIF funds inappropriately. Again, this is false. A $140K transfer was made from our TIF fund – a transfer to reimburse the general facilities and equipment fund, for the down payment on the Winfield Salon property – a key piece of property for the new underpass and potential parking garage. This was clearly an allowable use of TIF funds, and was approved by both our lawyers and auditors.

Reyes next claims that the board has under staffed our police department while over-staffing administration. Another false statement. The facts are that we have 20 people in our police department now – which is exactly what we had 10 years ago. During this time, the village’s administration staff has declined from 6 to 5 people. In 2000, the total headcount in all departments was 45. In 2011, we currently have 41 employees. For verification please contact Village Hall.

I certainly did not expect that presenting Winfield in an accurate and positive manner would be a difficult task. People who spread lies on blogs or in articles to the local papers and spit out mean comments are not only hurting that individual or group, but are also hurting Winfield as a whole.

Reprinted from the Winfield Post with permission of the author.

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My Home Near Roosevelt Road

March 26, 2011


by Terry Cooper

I live on Winfield Rd, near Roosevelt. I am writing because, one way or another, my house will be directly affected by rezoning my neighborhood commercial. And because it is my house I have an interest in the matter.

Today I was on Geneva Rd. at Pleasant Hill, by the CVS drug store. Not counting CVS there are three relatively new strip malls on those corners.

For those who may have forgotten a compatriot of Tim Allen’s supporters, a former Trustee, had a financial interest in this some of the land in that area. Through the village board at that time he received variances that enabled him to build. As a result, this Trustee made money. But, now of about 10 store fronts, only four of them have businesses in them, the rest are vacant. The strip mall across the street is worse. It is entirely vacant.

I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t Mr. Allen try to fill those storefronts first, before he tries to build more storefronts in my neighborhood? That would be the logical thing to do. But we know he won’t.

So, dear voters don’t let the developers or their candidates bulldoze a beautiful part of Winfield for an empty promise. The only thing Green about them is the money.

Please vote for VadeBonCoeur, Mortenson and Hughes. They have the interests of the Village in mind.

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