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Winfield – We Have a Problem

April 3, 2013


by Linda Kurzawa, Retired DuPage County Board Member

Our town is currently run by a majority block of four trustees who plow headlong as they see fit.

They have denied our town its right to have a deliberative body as its representation.  They have ignored the concerns of the citizens, defied law as it pertains to open and honest meetings through the Open Meetings Act.  And perhaps worst of all – they were caught red handed lying to us about who was actually working to outsource our police.  Are we to forget all the blogs and statements where they took credit for this brilliant idea?

We have been subjected to an embarrassing […]

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The Wizard of Olson

March 28, 2013


by Rock Rockett

Like the great Wizard of Oz, Jay Olson created a great and powerful image of himself for Winfield residents.

In his 2009 campaign literature he claimed he stood for approachable, predictable, honest and transparent government. He boasted that he would encourage people to participate in their government and strengthen the sense of community pride.

Then Olson became a Village Trustee. For a couple of years, he hid himself well behind the curtain. Then when Tony Reyes, Tim Allen and Jim Hughes joined the Village Board, […]

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A Message for Winfield Residents Who Have Political Signs of Support for Erik Spande, Jack Bajor, Phil Mustes and Jim McCurdy on Your Front Lawns

March 27, 2013


Dear Winfield,

Unfortunately, some supporters of the Hanlon, Olson, Jacques and Blackburn slate are getting out of hand during this political season. Winfield United does not condone this type of politics and hope that the Rob Hanlon / Winfield First-Olson slate also abhor this behavior on their behalf.  The individuals in the attached letter are very outspoken at village meetings and now are taking their brand of politicking  to the streets door to door and by defacing our yard signs.

Many people have requested signs to show support for Erik Spande, Jack Bajor, Phillip Mustes and Jim McCurty, the signs being defaced have either been stolen or we unwittingly delivered the sign to someone opposed to our promise of good government.

This is not good for Winfield […]

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If Rob Hanlon Wins the Village Presidency, Who’s Going to be the Actual President?

March 26, 2013


By Craig Casino

A four page mailer just reached the residents of Winfield. It was mostly a political piece for Rob Hanlon running for Village President. A lot of information about Roosevelt Road was shared and we all know who just loves to write about that! But there were also some really negative remarks and innuendos against fellow Village Presidential candidate Erik Spande thrown in for good measure.

The piece states that Mr. Hanlon’s opponent, Mr. Spande, is ‘sullen, sulky and caustic.’ It then goes on to say that he is a ‘Hydrologist’ (as if that is a negative) and that he therefore manages projects, not people, thus insinuating that Mr. Spande is a geek or something on that order.

Mr. Spande is none of these things but, rather, he is a true professional. He is always above reproach and anyone who has ever watched his behavior at a Village Board meeting would know that. Tim Allen and Tony Reyes should take lessons.

Within a few days Mr. Hanlon responded, apparently embarrassed […]

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Former Village President Speaks Out

March 19, 2013


by Marylou Crane, former Village President

Dear Winfield Voters,

As the saying goes, ‘having walked a mile in those shoes’ I know what it takes and what it means to be an official for the Village of Winfield.

First and foremost, you swear on a Bible to uphold the laws of the Village, the County and the State of Illinois.  That includes the Village ordinances, which some of the present Trustees […]

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Village Trustee Candidate Jim McCurdy Candidate Profile

March 19, 2013


Please click here to view Jim McCurdy’s candidate profile.

Jim McCurdy

Winfield Deserves Better

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