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The Roosevelt Road Land-Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

September 26, 2011


By Jed Skillman

Someone has plans for the land along Roosevelt Road, and a mighty effort is being made to move pawns around the chess board in order to make it happen.


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Tim Allen Expects To Be Spoon-Fed His Information.

September 2, 2011


by Jed Skillman

It never ceases to amaze. After telling President Birutis that he was not interested in a new bakery in Winfield’s Town Center, Tim Allen launched a temper-tantrum complaining that no one had kept him in the loop about the bakery. Winfield residents who sat through the September 1st Board meeting or tuned in on Comcast Channel 10 witnessed his melt down in the late innings.

After the meeting a few wild-eyed community volunteers from Winfield United for a Better Community went across the street for beverages at Pepper Jacks.  While the bartender got the drinks the owner started the conversation with, “Isn’t it great about those sisters opening the new bakery a couple doors over?”

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Trustee Spande August 2011 Letter to the Winfield Post

August 26, 2011


Winfield Post Letter to the Editor Response: Errors and Attacks on the Winfield Riverwalk

Trustee Allen made numerous errors in his August 11th Letter to the Editor regarding Winfield road funding. The letter used words such as ‘children’ and ‘irresponsible’ to insult his fellow Trustees and then noted that he and select Trustees were the ‘adults’ on the Board (another put down). He went on to call the Winfield Riverwalk project ‘candy’.

The errors and mischaracterizations, however, drew my attention. […]

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President Birutis August 2011 Letter to Editor Daily Herald

August 26, 2011


In response to Trustee Tim Allen’s Aug. 11 letter to the editor, it is clear that Tim will continue misleading residents and slandering other board members. He will continue to make up facts, hoping the residents can be fooled — like the idea that he just found an additional $208,020 of red-light camera revenue that could be used on the roads.

As Trustee Jay Olson clearly explained, the money has been already allocated for expenses in the current budget and is not new found money. In Allen’s letter, he even changed the actual votes at the Aug. 4 board meeting just to suit his story. Trustee Olson voted against Allen’s $208,020 amendment, and the trustee vote was 4-2 against Allen’s amendment. Please review the Aug. 4 minutes at village hall.

Not satisfied, Allen actually reconstructed the board meeting video on his political blog site by cleverly making the meeting sound differently. If you would like to see what really happened at the board meeting please get a tape of the actual meeting at village hall.

If Trustee Allen really wants to fix our roads, there are two options: 1. Slash the village budget drastically. 2. Accept the fact that we need to ask the voters in a referendum to help pay for the roads.

Do not hide the fact that you want to push through a backdoor referendum that can increase taxes without voter approval. Be honest with our residents and ask them to vote on this important issue. Picking off small line items and telling residents you found money is not going to solve a multimillion dollar issue.

Stop wasting time on minutia. Stop lying about what I said and how I voted. Stop trying to be clever in your letters/blogs and start working as a team to fix our roads.

Deborah Birutis

Winfield Village President

(letter reprinted with permission)

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Winfield 411 “Town Hall” Meeting at Village Hall

July 7, 2011


Tim Allen and Tony Reyes are hosting a political  town hall meeting at village hall.
This is a political meeting and has no place at village hall, it has the potential to be an Open Meetings Act problem;  what if there is a quorum or if 1 additional trustee shows up  it become an illegal meeting?   The state law is very clear and serious about open meetings act violations.

Is village hall open to whatever kind of meeting or political rally a trustee wants to stage?

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April 1, 2011


Winfield is not a “Home Rule” community which in part means that the village government cannot raise taxes without voter approval.  That is why the road referendum was on last year’s ballot.

The village board cannot just impose higher taxes, actually tax rates have been decreasing due to the tax rate cap.

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