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Facebook Announcement

April 4, 2013


Sad to say, a number of people have been uninvited from the Winfield United Facebook page.

While we respect their right to support the so-called “independent” candidates, we have had enough of them trashing our candidates and our organization on our site.  It is as simple as that.  No one could reasonably expect us to put in the effort of running this page only to have trolls log on and deface it while we are at work or busy with other matters.  Our opposition’s comments have long since ceased being “debate” and turned into disruption.

Look what their behavior (and the behavior of Majority Trustees they support) have done to attendance at Village Hall.  Meetings have become so unpleasant […]

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Think Our Police Are Safe From Allen/Olson Now? Don’t Count On It.

March 1, 2013


By Craig Casino

When Tim Allen ran for trustee in 2011, he didn’t bother mentioning to us what his plans were for our police department. We later learned that it was to eliminate and replace it with Sheriff deputies.

The plan was a boondoggle, as we all know, and went down in flaming defeat —thanks to Winfield United, The Winfield Register, Erik Spande, Dan Cronin, and 87% of the residents who voted it down last November.

But things haven’t changed […]

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Let’s Win This Election for Our Residents, Our Police and Our Property Values!

January 11, 2013


It’s the new year and time to right the ship of Winfield!

It’s up to all of us to do all we can to elect responsible, reasonable, honest officials to our Village Board. We’ve all had enough of the current 4 man majority on the Board trying to outsource our police to the County, trying to become the first and only community in DuPage County to enact video gambling, trying to force rezoning on residential neighborhoods and businesses and trying to divide our village into districts. We deserve better than this!

To this end, most of you know that Erik Spande is running for Village President; Jim McCurdy, Phil Mustes and Jack Bajor are running for the three Village Trustee positions; and Anne Mareachen is running for Village Clerk. With the election of these outstanding citizens, we’ll regain majority control over the Village Board and restore […]

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Tony on TV

August 14, 2012


By Jed Skillman

Things can get pretty grim in those little towns out there. Take suburban Winfield for example…

That was the message communicated by a report on Channel 32 Fox-Chicago recently.

On the evening newscast of August 10th news anchor Bob Sirott told viewers that “Officials in suburban Winfield say the Village has to choose between smooth streets and the police to patrol them.”

Who, according to this report, were those Village “officials”? None other than our own Trustee Tony Reyes. Because no other “officials” were interviewed he appeared to be speaking for the entire Village Administration.

Given this unique platform, what did Trustee Reyes tell the Chicagoland viewing audience?

For starters he said, “The simple thing is our roads are rougher than our neighborhoods.” This from a man who was accused of assault inside Village Hall less than a year ago. […]

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Daily Herald: Winfield Voters Demand Voice on Police, Video Gambling

July 19, 2012


Petitions to place referendum questions on the ballot banning video gambling and keeping the Winfield Police Department intact were submitted yesterday.

Both referendum questions will appear on the November ballot. The video gambling question will be a binding referendum, while the police question will be a non-binding referendum.

Click here to read the full Daily Herald article.

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The Funding of Our Officers’ Pensions

June 29, 2012


This post comes to us from Keep the Winfield Police

One of our elected officials had stated many times that our police officers pension fund is only 45% funded. We decided to look at what it means to be funded, when you are required to be funded as a pension program as well as what the current funding level actually is. We found some interesting information in the two reports (CAFR and Actuarial Valuation) mentioned in our previous entry.

Our officers pension fund is not 45% funded, it is actually 50.74% funded as of the end of the report.

Our funding ratio has gone down almost every year since 2002. The funded percentage each year […]

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