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Voters Reject Proposal for Winfield Election Districts – Daily Herald

Winfield Voters Turn Down Proposed Districts -TribLocal

In the March 20th primary election, Winfield voters are being asked to vote on a referendum dividing the village into electoral districts. As this election approaches, Winfield United would like to present facts and information on the issue of dividing the village into districts in order to educate and enable the voters to make an informed decision.

Below, you will find links to a great amount of compiled information about the districting issue. Please take the time to learn more about the referendum question before voting in the March 20 election.

Please continue to check back on this page to find more information as the election draws nearer.

Literature Distributed About the Referendum

An unsigned flyer distributed to Klein Creek residents urging them to support the referendum

A flyer distributed by Trustee James Hughes opposing the referendum

An unsigned flyer distributed supporting the referendum

Another unsigned flyer distributed supporting the referendum

Positive on Winfield Articles

Click here to view all Positive on Winfield articles about the districting referendum in chronological order.

“Magnificent Deception” by Jed Skillman

“Vote No On Districting – Protect Our Right to Vote for All Trustees” by Jed Skillman

“Does Winfield Need Voter Districts? Don’t Be Fooled” by Jed Skillman

Articles in the Press

TribLocal – “Winfield Voters Will Decide Whether To Draw Districts” by Michelle Manchir

Daily Herald – “Despite Call for Civility, Winfield Still Boiling Over”

Daily Herald – “No on Winfield Voting Districts”

Daily Herald – Primary and Referendum Endorsements

Winfield Register – “Levan: Districitng is ‘A Perfect Way’ to Force Zoning Changes on Unwilling Homeowners” by Stan Zegel

Winfield Post – “Winfield to Vote On Districting Next Month” by Phil Hardy

Winfield Post – “Second Try for Village Districts” by Phil Hardy

Daily Herald – “Referendum Questions Will Dot DuPage Ballot”

Letters to the Editor

‘Oppose Districting Winfield’ by Trustee Jay Olson

‘Get Informed About Winfield’s Vote’ by Karen Skillman

‘Support for Districting Referendum’ by Tom Blackburn

‘Voters Need to Vote For Each Trustee’ by Phillip Mustes

Documentation & Resources

Results of Naperville League of Women Voters study on at-large versus districted elections

Full section on districting from the January 5, 2012 Village Board Meeting Packet

Chart showing the political structure of other municipalities throughout DuPage County (from Jan. 5, 2012 Village Board Packet)

Memorandum on the procedures to create voter districts from village attorneys Tressler LLP  (from Jan. 5, 2012 Village Board Packet)

Trustee Spande’s thoughts on districting and its advantages and disadvantages (from Jan. 5, 2012 Village Board Packet)

An email from Trustee Allen discussing why he supports districting (from Jan. 5, 2012 Village Board Packet)

An example of the petition to place the referendum question on the March 20, 2012 ballot (from Jan. 5, 2012 Village Board Packet)

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