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Campaign Money

March 7, 2011


by  Karen Skillman

Since 2005, WUPC has had to raise campaign money to offset the large pocketbooks of our opposition.

We will always fully disclose who donates to our campaigns, how much they donate and most importantly how much our campaigns actually cost. We endorsed candidates for elected office in 2005, 2007, 2009 and do so now in 2011.

In the previous three election cycles we raised and spent approximately $31,800. The opposition out spent us two to one and they did so in just two elections: 2005 and 2009. $64,800.00 was spent by opposing candidates.

Our opponents have been 3 PACS called Citizens for Winfield, Winfield 4, and Tony For the People. All of these committees have since filed final reports with the state. Winfield United Political Committee (WUPC) is alive and well and will continue to support, recruit and endorse independent and  qualified people for our village government.

Below is a link to the State of Illinois campaign disclosure webpage showing all committees formed to support candidates for many offices in or near Winfield. You will see the active and final committees. We invite you to compare.


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Tim Allen is Winfield’s Pinocchio

February 27, 2011


by Rock Rockett

Like most of you, my wife and I enjoy living in Winfield. We’re active citizens and favor open government-run by fair-minded, elected officials. Recently, I’ve been concerned about what I hear from one of the Village Trustee candidates, Tim Allen.

Tim Allen gave residents of Klein Creek a flyer saying their taxes would go up $1,000 per year if they voted yes for the road referendum. That’s NOT true. Not one resident in Klein Creek subdivision would have their taxes increased by $1,000. In fact, according to tax records, the highest would have been only half of that amount.

Tim Allen also told Klein Creek residents that only one of their streets would be repaired if they voted for the road referendum. That’s also NOT true. In fact, all of their streets would be repaired within the first couple of years. This was pointed out in the Special Edition of the Winfield Word regarding the road referendum.

In an effort to divide our village, Tim Allen printed a flyer with a map trying to portray that the majority of the village board lives south of the tracks. That’s also NOT true. The village board is equally represented from both sides of the tracks. Trustees’ addresses are listed in the monthly Winfield Word.

Tim Allen tried to make residents believe that Winfield United spent $31,635 in a single election. That’s a LIE. That amount was actually spent over 3 elections. Opposing candidates and their political action committees (Citizens  for Winfield, Tony for the People, etc.) spent TWICE that amount in the same elections. Records can be obtained from the DuPage County Election Commission.

In opposing the road referendum, Tim Allen created a video with a road construction company in which he tried to deceive Winfield residents about the cost of repairing our roads. That was a LIE. Cass Price, Vice President of the company said that the video and information presented were totally misleading. Contact Village Hall for details.

Tim Allen says that the Village Board passed on developments such as a Country Inn on Roosevelt Rd and CDH’s Proton Center. That’s another LIE. These development proposals NEVER came before the Board. You can confirm this in the Village Board minutes.

Do you really want someone like this representing you? I DON’T. I favor truthful, fair-minded elected officials and ask you to join me in supporting Jim Hughes, Cliff Mortenson, and Glenn VadeBonCoeur for seats on the Village Board.

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