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Positive on Winfield

March 11, 2011


by Jed Skillman

The Village of Winfield is an undiscovered gem. People move here because of the varied and reasonably priced homes, the Metra train station, the mature trees, the natural beauty, the larger lots, the low taxes, the Public Library, the proximity of shopping, and the good local schools. But most of all, people come here by accident.

People frequently discover Winfield by accident. They take a turn off Roosevelt Road or Geneva and here they are, and right away they can tell Winfield is a pretty nice place to live.

Our goal with Positive on Winfield is to turn Winfield from an accidental discovery into a desired destination; not the kind of place that draws the crowds; but attracts people who are looking for an Outdoor Healthy Living Community, a great place to raise a family, to appreciate nature, to enjoy neighbors, to build friendships.

While there are many great communities in our area, we feel that a rare combination of desirable features make our Village unique. Winfield has five DuPage County forest preserves on its boundaries, more public woodland than any other community in the county. There are places to enjoy running, hiking, and horseback riding. There is a canoe launch into the West Branch DuPage River. If you prefer flat water canoeing, Silver Lake in Blackwell Forest Preserve is just down the road. There are several off-leash dog parks nearby, even an “indoor” dog park close to town center. Winfield is a bike rider’s paradise, featuring direct access to the Illinois Prairie Path and home to the annual Criterium Bike Race. We actually have hills to challenge runners and riders. Fly a private plane? DuPage Airport is only 15 minutes away. We have fine catch-and-release bass fishing, but you’ll have to locate the good spots on your own. There are several thriving churches nearby and in the middle of town is Central DuPage Hospital, a growing and respected medical facility. When you add it up, Winfield offers much to residents and visitors.

Choosing a community is a commitment. The biggest single investment most of us make is in our homes. Positive on Winfield seeks to preserve and enhance what is good and unique about Winfield – and get the word out to those looking to enjoy what we have. Last year, in 2010, Winfield ranked among the Top-10 communities in the entire Chicagoland area in terms of new home construction. That’s because Winfield is a great place to be.

The equity in our homes is not strictly represented by the number of monthly payments we have made, or the money we have spent to keep up with repairs or make improvements. But, our equity is also represented in the value of our neighborhoods and in the Village. All of us, at some point, will put our houses up for sale. When we do, we want to realize maximum value for our homes, maximum benefit to the Village with a minimum time on the market. A healthy, well-run, desirable community will be a pleasure to enjoy while we are here and an aid to marketing when it is time to sell our homes. We can achieve this when we all get Positive on Winfield!

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Glad To Be Here

March 3, 2011


by Norman Abramowitz

As a recent resident to Winfield, I have seen good administrative decisions made by the Trustees and President Birutis, most of whom were endorsed by Winfield United. Despite the recession, home sales have gone up and the fact that the Village gets a small amount of property taxes raised by the County over $2.5 million was generated in the last few years.

The priority of creating a town center is on its way and when completed will generate funds to further help the school, the Fire Department, library, parks and will enable the Village to continue to maintain its current balanced budget.

Good relations with the Chamber of Commerce and DuPage Central Hospital which has promised a grant of $300,000 over the next 3 years. The solicitation of Tax Increment Financing funds for the downtown area have already boosted the town’s reputation for moving ahead financially . In 2010, ten new business have come to Winfield and more are on the way.

Winfield United’s Community Project Team continues to work on many projects; the Outdoor Community Classroom the Winfield School, cooperation with the Criterium Races and the Good Old Days festivals are examples. The morale and dedication of the Village staff has never been higher as the excellent response of the Public Works workers to the recent heavy snowstorm , despite 12 hour days. I am glad to have moved here and glad to be here, even in the winter weather .

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Winfield United 2010 Annual Letter

January 17, 2011

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Dear Winfield United Members,

As we begin our 7th year, Winfield United for a Better Community is itching to add new members and strengthen our position as a civic organization teaming with volunteers dedicated to the Village of Winfield. Our village leaders remain committed to accomplishing aggressive goals to improve our streets, walkways, businesses while creating so many opportunities for people to get involved in our community. We want to continue doing our best to support the efforts of our village government, village staff, and the service organizations that contribute so much toward making our village such a success story. Our organization is fortunate to have dedicated members that graciously and thanklessly sacrifice their time because they care so much about Winfield. We are hoping to grow that effort, especially this year as we see a brighter future just around the corner.

Our team concept has worked very efficiently over these past years by having the ability to focus our efforts into specific areas of interest or projects that benefit Winfield. The Community Projects, Civic Involvement and Communications Teams have each had their share of accomplishments this past year that are briefly highlighted below. We are grateful to all of the team leaders and members who serve on these teams and encourage everyone to be actively involved to allow us to do even more for our village.

The Community Projects Team coordinated a variety of projects including several village beautification projects and supplying activities for children at the Criterium Races and Good Old Days. The WU Good Old Games promises to once again thrill youngsters and oldsters alike during the Good Old Days 35th anniversary. The Outdoor Community Classroom at Winfield School continues to “grow” beyond the wildest expectations. Our projects list can be extendedeven more with enough volunteers willing to help out. This team really knows no limits.

The Civic Involvement Team, while having a short break from the election activities, remains committed to the belief that we all benefit with a strong village board that continues to value the ideals that we embrace as an organization, open and honest government that serves the residents of Winfield first and foremost. A special thanks to this team that has worked so hard in the difficult political arena and continues to present a consistent message to our residents that reflects the foundation of Winfield United.

The Communications Team also had a very successful year as well. They worked diligently to update our website with new information on a regular basis and worked together with the volunteers who take notes during the Village Board Meetings to provide updates to our members. We are grateful to these volunteers who regularly attend these meetings so our members can be informed on a timely basis. These efforts are greatly appreciated by all of our members.

The tremendous success of Winfield United for a Better Community can only be attributed to the strong support of our members as active participants in our community. On behalf of our Board of Directors and our Team Leaders, we express our sincere gratitude to each of you for volunteering your valuable time and resources well beyond all expectations. Together, we have continued to help make Winfield a better place for all of us.

Our continued success as an organization is directly dependent on the future commitment of our membership. As we try to participate in a greater number of volunteer projects, help to improve communications throughout the village, and support open and honest government, we must also realize that our efforts will be limited by the number of members willing to volunteer for these tasks. Personally, I am asking each of our members to further challenge themselves in the next year by finding at least one additional member that would be willing to join in our efforts. Imagine the community benefits that our organization would be able to provide if we doubled our volunteer members.

Many of our activities and projects still require financial assistance which is why we continue to ask for your financial support. Our annual membership dues remain at $30.00 per household. In addition, many have our members have asked for the ability to make further contributions to help finance the organization’s needs. I am pleased to announce a new level of membership available to any interested members that will further enhance our abilities to conduct community business.

Platinum Membership : $500.00 and up

Gold Membership : $250.00 to 499.99

Silver Membership : $150.00 to 249.99

Bronze Membership : $50.00 to 149.99

Our fiscal year begins in September and member dues are requested to be sent to our P.O. Box 383, Winfield, IL.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for your support and for making…………. Winfield United for a Better Community.

Visit our website www.winfieldunited.com for additional information.

Steve Romanelli


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