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Scofflaw Trustees At It Again

January 10, 2013


by Norman Abramowitz

Trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes violated village and State of Illinois law with their illegal rezoning of the Marathon station on December 6, 2012. But the question remains – will these scofflaw trustees violate the law yet again?

The Marathon station has been zoned residential with a ‘special use’ to operate as a gas station for many decades. The Patels, the owners in 2012, were perfectly happy with this arrangement, but apparently trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes weren’t. They wanted to forcibly rezone this to commercial, despite the heartfelt objections of the Patels and many neighbors.

The final vote to rezone Marathon was at the November 15th board meeting. But since Trustee Reyes was not present they did not have the votes, and the rezoning failed. In a parliamentary move, Trustee Allen […]

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Can You Believe This?

December 9, 2012


by Rock Rockett

So, here’s something you’ll have a hard time understanding…….as I did.

At the December 6th Village Board meeting the Trustees had the responsibility of passing an ordinance to ban video gaming in the Village of Winfield. Passing the ordinance was seen, by normal people, as a simple move to update our Village ordinances to make our Village code consistent with the outcome of the November 6th election at which the good people of Winfield voted by 55% to 45% to ban video gaming in Winfield. That’s a margin of nearly 800 votes, so there should be no question as to the ‘will of the people’ on this issue.

When the Village Attorney was asked why the Board needs to vote on this issue since it was already passed by referendum, the Attorney told them that it was an administrative procedure to pass the ordinance banning video gambling and, therefore, updating our Village code to be consistent with the referendum decision. Otherwise, our Village code will not reflect the outcome of the Nov. 6th election and could confuse any current or prospective businesses interested in implementing video gaming in their place of business.

So, what do you think the fine Trustees of Winfield did? That’s right! You know them well. Olson voted NO, Reyes voted NO, Hughes voted NO and Allen voted NO. Spande and Bajor did the right thing and voted YES, but once again lost out to the 4 man righteous majority who are intent on having their way regardless of the ‘will of the people.’ Democracy be damned – according to Olson and company!

But alas, there is hope. We can stop this nonsense on the April 9th election. Looking forward to that day and hope you are too!

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Proud in Winfield

March 10, 2011


by Rhonda Peebles

Winfield residents have much to be proud of. The Village of Winfield is surrounded by natural beauty—forest preserves, the DuPage River, and the Illinois Prairie Path (ILPP). With local leaders working together—the Village President and board members, and volunteer residents—are working to enhance the Village by developing a beautiful Riverwalk that will connect the ILPP Geneva Spur and Kline Creek Farm with the DuPage Forest Preserve system. Winfield’s Riverwalk will be a tremendous benefit to residents and businesses, and bicyclists and joggers.

The Village of Winfield is a residential paradise. Residents will need to come together on April 5 to vote to keep the Village of Winfield strong and beautiful.

Please vote:  Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, Jim Hughes

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Celebrate in Winfield

March 6, 2011


by Steve Romanelli

We have much to celebrate in Winfield as the efforts of our village board and village staff continues to move the village in a positive direction. Recently named as one of the Top 10 in the area for housing starts, with more projects on the horizon, the village of around 9,000 people is making progress despite the tough housing market. Additionally, new businesses are cropping up in town and other major projects such as The Winfield Riverwalk promise to continue generating optimism that will drive the Town Center plan toward reality. It is definitely an exciting time for our community.

We also have an election coming over the next few months that will seek to seat 3 candidates to trustee positions. In the spirit of the campaign season, there have been a few candidates that have spread some malicious and false information seeking to discredit the hard work the village board and staff have been doing to help survive the economic recession. While people can always have a differing opinion, spreading rumors and inaccurate information, whether through a mailer or anonymous blog website, is certainly not indicative of the desired values of a public official.

We currently have a cohesive team of elected officials who respect each other and respect the views of residents, regardless of the issue. They have succeeded in moving Winfield forward where other communities have failed. With the leadership of Village President Deb Birutis and village staff, our village board meetings are efficient and professionally managed while also being communicated through the televising of each meeting. Progress has been positive and welcome in Winfield.

Keeping our village government open and honest, while being respectful of each other and our residents is something we must continue to support in our election decisions. Voters should examine carefully the character of those who are running for office, follow the methods they use to distribute their message, and evaluate the content of that message for accuracy. While it is always encouraging to have people showing the interest to serve the community, not everyone has the characteristics that will make for a successful trustee.

In this upcoming election, my endorsement is for candidates that have clearly demonstrated the desire to serve our village, Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, and Jim Hughes. Each is currently active in our village government, and has generously put in the time and efforts that deserve our vote. They share the ideals of open and honest government and practice those ideals in their actions.  I wish them continued success in the upcoming election.

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Tim Allen is Winfield’s Pinocchio

February 27, 2011


by Rock Rockett

Like most of you, my wife and I enjoy living in Winfield. We’re active citizens and favor open government-run by fair-minded, elected officials. Recently, I’ve been concerned about what I hear from one of the Village Trustee candidates, Tim Allen.

Tim Allen gave residents of Klein Creek a flyer saying their taxes would go up $1,000 per year if they voted yes for the road referendum. That’s NOT true. Not one resident in Klein Creek subdivision would have their taxes increased by $1,000. In fact, according to tax records, the highest would have been only half of that amount.

Tim Allen also told Klein Creek residents that only one of their streets would be repaired if they voted for the road referendum. That’s also NOT true. In fact, all of their streets would be repaired within the first couple of years. This was pointed out in the Special Edition of the Winfield Word regarding the road referendum.

In an effort to divide our village, Tim Allen printed a flyer with a map trying to portray that the majority of the village board lives south of the tracks. That’s also NOT true. The village board is equally represented from both sides of the tracks. Trustees’ addresses are listed in the monthly Winfield Word.

Tim Allen tried to make residents believe that Winfield United spent $31,635 in a single election. That’s a LIE. That amount was actually spent over 3 elections. Opposing candidates and their political action committees (Citizens  for Winfield, Tony for the People, etc.) spent TWICE that amount in the same elections. Records can be obtained from the DuPage County Election Commission.

In opposing the road referendum, Tim Allen created a video with a road construction company in which he tried to deceive Winfield residents about the cost of repairing our roads. That was a LIE. Cass Price, Vice President of the company said that the video and information presented were totally misleading. Contact Village Hall for details.

Tim Allen says that the Village Board passed on developments such as a Country Inn on Roosevelt Rd and CDH’s Proton Center. That’s another LIE. These development proposals NEVER came before the Board. You can confirm this in the Village Board minutes.

Do you really want someone like this representing you? I DON’T. I favor truthful, fair-minded elected officials and ask you to join me in supporting Jim Hughes, Cliff Mortenson, and Glenn VadeBonCoeur for seats on the Village Board.

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James Hughes

February 27, 2011


Jim Hughes is a fairly new resident to Winfield but not to Milton Township.  He and his lovely wife Sue have lived in the area for several years, in the unincorporated area of Wheaton before coming to Winfield.   He is CEO of Citrus Micro, an on line software company.  As a “computer guy” Jim is eager to get started improving the communications between the village and the residents.

Jim served on the Riverwalk Committee and spearheaded the first ever Taste of Winfield to raise money for the Riverwalk and to raise awareness for the project.

He has been attending every meeting held at village hall in an effort to learn all he can about the people and functions of the committees.   Running a village like Winfield takes the help and input of a great many people.

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