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A Word about Property and Sales taxes

March 27, 2011


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a village board member?

It is a difficult task to balance revenue and expenditures, there are many things to know and consider.  Candidate Glenn VadeBobCoeur has been chairman of the finance committee for the past few years.  Below are some of the tax issues that the village staff and board have to consider.

Here is a simple retail tax fact:  Winfield receives 1% of sales tax for most purchases.  In order to yield the village $700,000 annually, which is the amount asked for road repair in last year’s referendum, retail sales would have to be $70 million. $70 million would be a highly performing Target store, according to Business Week magazine.

Here are some simple property tax facts taken from a report by Nadine Alletto, finance director, at a village board meeting: In 2009 Walgreen’s paid $1579.09 in property tax; Prairie Trail Shopping Center paid $ 6,230.73; CVS paid $6,33.48 and Citgo (now a Shell station) paid $317.72.

Property tax rates for Winfield:

DuPage County Clerk’s office report of 2008:

Total tax rate for DuPage communities—including all taxing bodies:  schools, library, township, county etc  Winfield rates #10 out of 34 communities.   Glendale Heights is #1, Hanover Park is #5,  Naperville is #20, Oak Brook is #34

Municipal Tax Rates for DuPage communities—Money paid only to the village of Winfield, not the library not the park district which are their own taxing bodies:  Winfield is #29 out of 34 communities.  Aurora is #1, Elk Grove Village is #5,  Wood Dale is #20, Oak Brook is #34.

(this published information is often one year in arrears)

Please VOTE  April 5th


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More on Winfield’s Pinocchio

March 22, 2011


by Rock & Vivian Rockett

As residents of Winfield for the past 10 years, my husband and I are active citizens and favor open government-run by fair-minded, elected officials. Recently, we’ve been concerned about what we hear from one of the Village Trustee candidates, Tim Allen.

Tim Allen wrote in his blog that people who live in unincorporated areas should not have a say in development plans for their area because they do not pay Winfield taxes. That’s false! Those families pay taxes for our schools, park district and fire district. And sales tax to the Village. Records can be obtained from the township assessor’s office.

Tim Allen told residents that 7 acres of office buildings on the corner of Roosevelt and Winfield could generate $75,000 in tax revenues for the village which could be used for roads. WRONG AGAIN. The village receives merely 3% of the property tax revenue collected. That would mean a total property tax bill of $2,500,000 annually! And that’s absurd.

Tim Allen wrote that the current administration would never seek a border agreement with West Chicago. That’s a LIE. Village President Birutis asked for and received a border agreement from West Chicago. The reality is that the agreement is not acceptable and is being negotiated. Please contact Village Hall for a copy.

Tim Allen wrote that when politicians choose to allow an asset like Roosevelt road lay fallow, it means that residents pay more in real estate taxes. That’s also FALSE.  New construction and annexations have no effect on the property tax rate. Contact Village Hall for further information.

Do you really want someone like this on Winfield’s Village Board? I DON’T! Please join me in supporting Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson and Jim Hughes for Village Trustee positions.

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Glad To Be Here

March 3, 2011


by Norman Abramowitz

As a recent resident to Winfield, I have seen good administrative decisions made by the Trustees and President Birutis, most of whom were endorsed by Winfield United. Despite the recession, home sales have gone up and the fact that the Village gets a small amount of property taxes raised by the County over $2.5 million was generated in the last few years.

The priority of creating a town center is on its way and when completed will generate funds to further help the school, the Fire Department, library, parks and will enable the Village to continue to maintain its current balanced budget.

Good relations with the Chamber of Commerce and DuPage Central Hospital which has promised a grant of $300,000 over the next 3 years. The solicitation of Tax Increment Financing funds for the downtown area have already boosted the town’s reputation for moving ahead financially . In 2010, ten new business have come to Winfield and more are on the way.

Winfield United’s Community Project Team continues to work on many projects; the Outdoor Community Classroom the Winfield School, cooperation with the Criterium Races and the Good Old Days festivals are examples. The morale and dedication of the Village staff has never been higher as the excellent response of the Public Works workers to the recent heavy snowstorm , despite 12 hour days. I am glad to have moved here and glad to be here, even in the winter weather .

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