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Storm Water Improvements

March 19, 2011


Did you read the Winfield Word in your last water bill? Storm water continues to be an issue in town especially with the heavy rains in recent years. Our entire area is inundated with ground water, the creek fills to overflowing during heavy rains when the water downstream isn’t moving fast enough. As we know, we live in a watershed area. So much of the water comes from up creek, we are a very low spot in the watershed.

The village public works department has been working to control storm water. A neighborhood  north of Manchester Road is Oak Court, Florida Lane and Fischer Lane.  These three streets have had terrible water problems over the last few years. They are on the downside of the Winfield Road hill, going north. Winfield public works recently completed a $200,000.00 storm water project on Florida Lane.

In our rural setting with culverts and ditches the public works department has to stay on a schedule of regular maintenance. In 2010 Ethel Street culverts were cleared. And the extension of the storm water system on Winfield Scott Drive was completed. These are the projects that take our infrastructure resources as the village is playing catch up from lack of maintenance.

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Glad To Be Here

March 3, 2011


by Norman Abramowitz

As a recent resident to Winfield, I have seen good administrative decisions made by the Trustees and President Birutis, most of whom were endorsed by Winfield United. Despite the recession, home sales have gone up and the fact that the Village gets a small amount of property taxes raised by the County over $2.5 million was generated in the last few years.

The priority of creating a town center is on its way and when completed will generate funds to further help the school, the Fire Department, library, parks and will enable the Village to continue to maintain its current balanced budget.

Good relations with the Chamber of Commerce and DuPage Central Hospital which has promised a grant of $300,000 over the next 3 years. The solicitation of Tax Increment Financing funds for the downtown area have already boosted the town’s reputation for moving ahead financially . In 2010, ten new business have come to Winfield and more are on the way.

Winfield United’s Community Project Team continues to work on many projects; the Outdoor Community Classroom the Winfield School, cooperation with the Criterium Races and the Good Old Days festivals are examples. The morale and dedication of the Village staff has never been higher as the excellent response of the Public Works workers to the recent heavy snowstorm , despite 12 hour days. I am glad to have moved here and glad to be here, even in the winter weather .

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