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Scofflaw Trustees At It Again

January 10, 2013


by Norman Abramowitz

Trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes violated village and State of Illinois law with their illegal rezoning of the Marathon station on December 6, 2012. But the question remains – will these scofflaw trustees violate the law yet again?

The Marathon station has been zoned residential with a ‘special use’ to operate as a gas station for many decades. The Patels, the owners in 2012, were perfectly happy with this arrangement, but apparently trustees Olson, Allen, Reyes and Hughes weren’t. They wanted to forcibly rezone this to commercial, despite the heartfelt objections of the Patels and many neighbors.

The final vote to rezone Marathon was at the November 15th board meeting. But since Trustee Reyes was not present they did not have the votes, and the rezoning failed. In a parliamentary move, Trustee Allen […]

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Can You Believe This?

December 9, 2012


by Rock Rockett

So, here’s something you’ll have a hard time understanding…….as I did.

At the December 6th Village Board meeting the Trustees had the responsibility of passing an ordinance to ban video gaming in the Village of Winfield. Passing the ordinance was seen, by normal people, as a simple move to update our Village ordinances to make our Village code consistent with the outcome of the November 6th election at which the good people of Winfield voted by 55% to 45% to ban video gaming in Winfield. That’s a margin of nearly 800 votes, so there should be no question as to the ‘will of the people’ on this issue.

When the Village Attorney was asked why the Board needs to vote on this issue since it was already passed by referendum, the Attorney told them that it was an administrative procedure to pass the ordinance banning video gambling and, therefore, updating our Village code to be consistent with the referendum decision. Otherwise, our Village code will not reflect the outcome of the Nov. 6th election and could confuse any current or prospective businesses interested in implementing video gaming in their place of business.

So, what do you think the fine Trustees of Winfield did? That’s right! You know them well. Olson voted NO, Reyes voted NO, Hughes voted NO and Allen voted NO. Spande and Bajor did the right thing and voted YES, but once again lost out to the 4 man righteous majority who are intent on having their way regardless of the ‘will of the people.’ Democracy be damned – according to Olson and company!

But alas, there is hope. We can stop this nonsense on the April 9th election. Looking forward to that day and hope you are too!

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Tony on TV

August 14, 2012


By Jed Skillman

Things can get pretty grim in those little towns out there. Take suburban Winfield for example…

That was the message communicated by a report on Channel 32 Fox-Chicago recently.

On the evening newscast of August 10th news anchor Bob Sirott told viewers that “Officials in suburban Winfield say the Village has to choose between smooth streets and the police to patrol them.”

Who, according to this report, were those Village “officials”? None other than our own Trustee Tony Reyes. Because no other “officials” were interviewed he appeared to be speaking for the entire Village Administration.

Given this unique platform, what did Trustee Reyes tell the Chicagoland viewing audience?

For starters he said, “The simple thing is our roads are rougher than our neighborhoods.” This from a man who was accused of assault inside Village Hall less than a year ago. […]

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Reyes is Also a Pinocchio

March 26, 2011


by Village President Deborah Birutis

After reading the most recent edition of the Winfield Post I am compelled to correct several misleading statements from Tony Reyes, a candidate for village trustee.

Tony Reyes falsely claims that the village has spent excess cash reserves on our automatic meter reading system, claiming that it has a 50-70 year payback. That is false. The AMR system has allowed the village to capture hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual water revenue that was previously lost due to antiquated reading techniques and equipment. The true payback period is closer to 6-7 years.

Reyes also claimed that the village spent $140K of TIF funds inappropriately. Again, this is false. A $140K transfer was made from our TIF fund – a transfer to reimburse the general facilities and equipment fund, for the down payment on the Winfield Salon property – a key piece of property for the new underpass and potential parking garage. This was clearly an allowable use of TIF funds, and was approved by both our lawyers and auditors.

Reyes next claims that the board has under staffed our police department while over-staffing administration. Another false statement. The facts are that we have 20 people in our police department now – which is exactly what we had 10 years ago. During this time, the village’s administration staff has declined from 6 to 5 people. In 2000, the total headcount in all departments was 45. In 2011, we currently have 41 employees. For verification please contact Village Hall.

I certainly did not expect that presenting Winfield in an accurate and positive manner would be a difficult task. People who spread lies on blogs or in articles to the local papers and spit out mean comments are not only hurting that individual or group, but are also hurting Winfield as a whole.

Reprinted from the Winfield Post with permission of the author.

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