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Celebrate in Winfield

March 6, 2011


by Steve Romanelli

We have much to celebrate in Winfield as the efforts of our village board and village staff continues to move the village in a positive direction. Recently named as one of the Top 10 in the area for housing starts, with more projects on the horizon, the village of around 9,000 people is making progress despite the tough housing market. Additionally, new businesses are cropping up in town and other major projects such as The Winfield Riverwalk promise to continue generating optimism that will drive the Town Center plan toward reality. It is definitely an exciting time for our community.

We also have an election coming over the next few months that will seek to seat 3 candidates to trustee positions. In the spirit of the campaign season, there have been a few candidates that have spread some malicious and false information seeking to discredit the hard work the village board and staff have been doing to help survive the economic recession. While people can always have a differing opinion, spreading rumors and inaccurate information, whether through a mailer or anonymous blog website, is certainly not indicative of the desired values of a public official.

We currently have a cohesive team of elected officials who respect each other and respect the views of residents, regardless of the issue. They have succeeded in moving Winfield forward where other communities have failed. With the leadership of Village President Deb Birutis and village staff, our village board meetings are efficient and professionally managed while also being communicated through the televising of each meeting. Progress has been positive and welcome in Winfield.

Keeping our village government open and honest, while being respectful of each other and our residents is something we must continue to support in our election decisions. Voters should examine carefully the character of those who are running for office, follow the methods they use to distribute their message, and evaluate the content of that message for accuracy. While it is always encouraging to have people showing the interest to serve the community, not everyone has the characteristics that will make for a successful trustee.

In this upcoming election, my endorsement is for candidates that have clearly demonstrated the desire to serve our village, Glenn VadeBonCoeur, Cliff Mortenson, and Jim Hughes. Each is currently active in our village government, and has generously put in the time and efforts that deserve our vote. They share the ideals of open and honest government and practice those ideals in their actions.  I wish them continued success in the upcoming election.

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Glad To Be Here

March 3, 2011


by Norman Abramowitz

As a recent resident to Winfield, I have seen good administrative decisions made by the Trustees and President Birutis, most of whom were endorsed by Winfield United. Despite the recession, home sales have gone up and the fact that the Village gets a small amount of property taxes raised by the County over $2.5 million was generated in the last few years.

The priority of creating a town center is on its way and when completed will generate funds to further help the school, the Fire Department, library, parks and will enable the Village to continue to maintain its current balanced budget.

Good relations with the Chamber of Commerce and DuPage Central Hospital which has promised a grant of $300,000 over the next 3 years. The solicitation of Tax Increment Financing funds for the downtown area have already boosted the town’s reputation for moving ahead financially . In 2010, ten new business have come to Winfield and more are on the way.

Winfield United’s Community Project Team continues to work on many projects; the Outdoor Community Classroom the Winfield School, cooperation with the Criterium Races and the Good Old Days festivals are examples. The morale and dedication of the Village staff has never been higher as the excellent response of the Public Works workers to the recent heavy snowstorm , despite 12 hour days. I am glad to have moved here and glad to be here, even in the winter weather .

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Glenn VadeBonCoeur

February 27, 2011


Glenn VadeBonCoeur was elected trustee in 2007. Since then he has served on the Administration and Finance committee, Riverwalk committee, public works committee and the communication and technology committee. Before becoming a trustee, Glenn served for two years on the plan commission. Glenn possesses a common sense view of the village budget and monetary problems. Two years ago when the Pedestrian underpass was being hotly debated he held fast until the project could be fully funded with outside sources. The funding for the underpass has come from private, federal and state resources. Glenn sees the future in Winfield as being one with a strong Town Center, and a thriving business community.

Glenn’s top priority will continue to be the village finances and budget. He and the current board of trustees are committed to keeping Winfield’s financial health in the “black”.

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